Baby friendly oat nibbles: Today’s flavours are basic banana & cherry


I thought I’d share a recipe today.  It’s adapted from a friends recipe & so popular with baby friends that I thought I must share.

These little oaty nibbles (baby flapjacks!) went down a treat with the girls at our friend’s beach BBQ this afternoon.

They’re an improvement on last weeks batch as a slightly softer bake.

Take one banana and mash it.

Measure out about half a cup of ground oats (either grind yourself or use Ready Brek or shops own brand).

Top up the cup measure with oats.

Mix the ingredients together.

Until it looks like this:

Defrost some frozen cherries (I used 5). I love frozen fruit!

Split the banana & oats mixture in half and chop up the cherries. Add the cherries to one lot of mixture.

Mix until the colour is consistent like this:

Form into your desired shapes. I made little fingers:

Bake in the oven at 180°C (lower if fan) for about 20 minutes.

Allow to cool and store in an air tight container.

I’ve frozen most of these and will get them out the evening before I want them.

At the moment I usually give 2 each at snack time with some other bits. At the moment I break the nibbles into bits for the girls at the moment.

If you want a smoother texture use all ground oats. There’s lots of different recipes online and I love trying out my own combinations when cooking so I try them out I’ll let you know how it goes 😀

4 thoughts on “Baby friendly oat nibbles: Today’s flavours are basic banana & cherry”

  1. I made these yesterday with my 3 year old, Evie, who has milk and soya allergies. Such a lovely recipe as she was able to join in with every step (no scary electric whisk or sharp knives!). Evie’s favourite part was mashing the banana with her hands! We also squished them in to different shapes to cook.
    Once cooked we took them on our picnic. Smiles all round!

    1. Really great to hear
      We’re going to try another fruit soon. Let me know if you beat us to it!

  2. Thanks for this. We (My two year-old twins and I) made these this morning, but shaped them into cookies (which is what I called them). We let them cool and are now having them for a very early snack. Double-yummy and great non-sugar cookie!!

    1. What a great way to start a rainy day.

      Our favourite flavour so far is gooseberry and strawberry.

      I’ve found that if you fake for just 10 minutes you get a texture more like a banana bread, but be aware that they don’t last as long so store in the fridge or freezer. In fact I store them all in the freezer!

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