Cherry porridge: catering for different tastes


My girls like to eat with me but Bella went off plain Ready Brek as she prefers her meals to have more than one taste or texture, so I’ve come up with the variations below. 

I love making different coloured porridges using frozen fruit 🌈Frozen fruit means that it’s picked at its best and the nutrients are retained making it healthier for us. It also doesn’t have to be kept in juice or syrup like canned fruit so no added sugar. 

Today’s porridge is purpley pink with cherries. 

Mummy’s porridge:

Ingredients :

Porridge (to your appetite!)

Semi skimmed milk

A handful of frozen cherries. 

Sometimes a dollop of yoghurt too 😋

Method: I defrost all the cherries together for a minute in the microwave (keep the cherry juice that comes out as this is your magic liquid that colours the porridge). 

I then make my porridge by putting all of the ingredients in together & cook in the microwave on full power for 2&1/2 minutes. I know you can make much nicer porridge than this but my priority is that it’s quick as my focus is on making the girls’ tasty!


Baby porridge number one (Wynnie’s):


20g Ready Brek

100ml Full cream milk

4 frozen cherries (defrosted with my cherries as above) cut into 4-6 pieces each. 

Method: Heat the milk for 40 or 50 seconds then stir in the Reak Brek. Once well mixed add in the cherries and a couple of teaspoons of the cherry liquid. It’s ready to enjoy. 

Sometimes I add a generous teaspoon of Greek yoghurt to this one. 
Baby porridge number two (Bella’s):


About a tablespoon of full fat Greek yoghurt

5g porridge oats

4 frozen cherries

I sometimes add Ready Brek (two or three spoons from baby porridge 1!) so about 5g oats with 25ml milk. Wynnie then has a dollop of yoghurt as a replacement – this is a benefit of having the two!

Method: mix the yoghurt with the porridge oats. Mix the fruit and fruit liquid into some of this mixture. 
A great start to the day all round 💖💞💞