Giving breakfast a Vitamin C boost with Cramelised Pink Grapefruits

Simply cut three grapefruits in half and sprinkle a light dusting of sugar over the surface and grill until caramelised. Although pink grapefruits are nice without the caramelised top and this means giving ‘added sugar’, at about 1/4 tsp each and with the relatively low sugar content of grapefruit I

Enjoying the wild garlic

Wild garlic – so much if it everywhere at the moment and it’s so tasty! Stick it in stirfries, salads, tortillas, pasta bakes, bread – pretty much anywhere you’d normally use garlic or spinach. #wildgarlic #foraging #toddlerlife #dietitianlife #toddlerfood #paediatricdietitian #eatforfree

Ready for cooking

Fire Warden training. I’m now ready for cooking again 😂 Having put out the waste bin fire the fire officer commended my thorough job saying that by doing it so well he couldn’t illustrate how easy it was to think you’d done it and then it reignite! #thorough #workingmum #whatdietitiansdo

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