Yes I (am going to) have twins…

Sometimes I walk for me.  What I mean by that is as a mum of twins I encourage my girls to nap together. This means that we can function on a day to day basis. One might be more tired than the other and putting them in their beds (previously

Reaching for chicken food

Now I can reach the chicken food it’s more interesting than collecting egg 😂 The sun may be hiding for a few days but put your coats on and go out if you can! I always pay with a bad nights sleep if we don’t get out at some point!

Bamboo foraging 

Bedore bed last night we went foraging for bamboos to steak the tomatoes. Yes this job is well over due and I imagine Monty Don has it on his list of jobs for the weekend quite some time ago! Getting children involved is a great way to teach them about

Merry Christmas everyone

Thanks for all of your support and kind wishes this year. Hope you’re having a wonderful family day. Here are my wee angels looking for fish in the neighbour’s pond. You can’t beat some fresh air to burn off some energy! #chrsitmas #familytime #doubleyummy #twins #toddlers #bestfriends #myangels

Lunch for me and my toddlers in 10 minutes flat.

Method: Boil a pan of water. Pop in some eggs to boil for 6-8 mins depending on their size. Meanwhile pop some bread in the toaster, open a can of sweetcorn, wash top and tail a few carrots and grab a couple of handfuls of salad leaves. And assemble on

Snow love

Best friends forever. It may have been a thin layer but last week’s snow was enough for the girls to have fallen in love with the white stuff 😍 The neighbours randomly had two sledges in their garage which got some good use, but now they keep asking when they

Pack horse!

When you look down to find you’re carrying quite a collection! Two scooters and helmets in the other hand 😂 This is a light day as no toddler carrying (sometimes both of them) or mass of bags 😜 #enjoyinglife #familytime #getactive #mumlife

Wild strawbs & off to conference

Wild strawberries are ready 😍🍓🍓🍓🍓 keep your eyes peeled as these little gems are a real treat. About to get on my flight to London for #CAHPO18 conference. So glad we got to do this earlier today #workingmum #worklifebalance #wildstrawberries #homegrown #lovewhereyoulive #lovecornwall

Beautiful day for a swim with these two gorgeous girls 💖💖 #Cornwall #FamilyLife #swimming

Beach life

Just love the colours in this pic. No filters #beachdays #lovecornwall #balancedlife

Festival fun

So much family fun at #greatestatefestival this weekend ✌️💃🏻🕺🏻🌺 #familytime #festival #cornwall

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