Balancing lunch

Lunch 😀  Three cornered leek humous on bread chunks, Gouda cheese, 1/2 boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.   I always try to give a couple of portions of veggies at lunchtime to up the balance of fruit and veg.  #lunch #toddler #doubleyummy #dietitian #registereddietitian #paediatricdietitian #balanced #balancedlife #balancednotclean #balancedeating #babyfood

Vote for me please!

Excitingly I’ve been lucky enough to be shortlisted for the Clinical Nutrition (CN) 2017 Awards for Paediatric Nutrition Professional of the Year and voting is open..!   I’d really appreciate your support as it’s a vote based award from here so if you’re feeling generous (with your time, no money

Mud kitchen fun

Cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen. Or should I say cooking in the mud kitchen in the middle of a storm?!  After a beautiful walk in the blue bell woods with my friend a ‘little’ concerned about the creaking trees the winds got even stronger and trees started

Wild garlic soup

Big people’s: Little people’s: A very easy dish and lots of fun foraging for the wild garlic leaves (you could get some flowers too to garnish but we didn’t).  Ingredients: 600g potatoes, peeled & diced 1.2 litres low salt veg stock 120g wild garlic leaves, shredded (about 2 handfuls) To

Our first new potatoes! 

Paired with some local asparagus and a slice of spinach, ham and mushroom pie. This pie is absolutely loaded with veggies (a whole punnet of mushrooms and 6 frozen nuggets of spinach). I make the white sauce using 2 teaspoons vegetable oil warmed and 2 tbsp plain flour well mixed

Satay stirfry in action

I love the vibrant colours that you get with a stirfry. It’s a great way to get well on your way to eating a rainbow 🌈. Eating a good variety of fruit and veg is a great way to get a range of vitamins and minerals in as well as

Orange fish pie..?!

What’s for tea tonight..?  Orange fish pie! No actual oranges in here though. B is so into orange food that tonight is a treat for her 😂 a mix mash of sweet potatoes & potatoes and a layer of squash on top of a fish mix and burtolli beans in

Bonus broad beans

Did you know that pulses (peas, beans and lentils) count as a protein portion and a veg portion? Broad beans are part of the pulse family and therefore a good source of non-meat protein and fibre.  Look mummy a broad bean. We didn’t plant then this year but a couple

Gone sailing…

Lots of fun at the Push the Boat Out event @helfordriversailingclub Today the girls went on the water for the first time! So ok they weren’t very active when in the boat but hopefully if they get a love for the water like we have then there are so many

Making meetings healthier

Great news as I’ve been accepted into the AHPs4PH scheme and hope to look at trialling some of my ideas around healthy meetings.  Don’t get me wrong I’m always grateful for a free lunch, but sometimes they can be a bit beige!  Today’s was anything but and most importantly really

‘Grow the right plants and flowers rather than worrying about putting bird seed out everyday’

This is my thought for the day as I’m pondering leadership styles and studying. I expect there’s a similar quote out there by a great thinker but this is my version as I look at the garden 😀🌸🌺🌻🌼🍀🌾🌳🌱  #motivator #developer #inspire #goodfoundations #leadership #getthebest #keepthemagicalive #thoughtoftheday #sunday #balancedlife #study #workingmum

What can I introduce shellfish (mussels on the BBQ for lunch)?

At what age can I give shellfish? This is something that I get asked regularly. The answer is that it’s fine to include properly cooked shellfish as part of the introducing solids (weaning) journey.  Do be aware that shellfish is on the list of common allergens and so if you

A hidden Cornish gem

This is the view from Terry’s sculpture park. What a talented man.  We appreciate his generosity in sharing his passion through creating this free to visit sculpture park with a spectacular view. Another great excuse to get outside for some active family fun.  ​​ Two swifts. So cute to see

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