Mini me deconstructed pitta. 

This is a lunch from a few weeks ago (late blog!). It was the first time the girls have had pitta bread (just turned 10 months). I think they could have coped with it for a while now we’ve just not had it! They had a mini me lunch. I

Deep fill ham and mega veg quiche & salad

Sunday’s lunch in the beautiful sunshine. Quiche (recipe below) and salad. I actually added some balsamic glaze to mine and hubby’s but no time for extra photos! Adults: Mediterranean veg and ham quiche served with salad leaves (with a little olive oil), seeded bread, avocado, cherry tomatoes and grated carrot

Pork schnitzel 

How to make this yummy schnitzel: Bash a pork steak with a rolling pin until it’s very thin.  Dip into seasoned flour (we used just pepper).  Dip into a bowl of beaten egg (2 eggs for 4 steaks).  Dip into a bowl of crushed crackers (1/2-1 packet small crackers) seasoned

Life’s shortcuts

My tangle teaser… Thanks to @babytoddlerfoods inspiring me to share my #lifeshortcuts. It’s always good to remember that social media can be inspiring but should not be thought of as a representation of someone’s life!  I was talking to a friend at the weekend and she commented on how she

Pink porridge 

Strawberries from the freezer and nectarine slices left over from a large fruit for snack yesterday. I stewed the fruit for a couple of minutes in the microwave and this release lots of lovely juice. This juice is what makes the porridge pink and extra yummy!💖🍓 #strawberry #porridge #breakfast #wastenotwantnot

Ham sandwich with a twist

Simple but yummy lunch: ham sandwich with a twist.  Instead of putting butter or any sauce on the bread I spread some avocado on one slice and cream cheese on the other & to make it extra special (and extra tasty!) I used sundried tomato and olive bread. Verdict =

Pink tomatoes!

Do you know what type of tomato these are? 🍅 They’re on the left of the plate and I’ve not used a filter so that you can see their true colour (the red and yellow ones are there so that you can see how pink these tomatoes are). I’ve never seen

Carrot cake porridge

This is an overnight porridge.  I took my inspiration from Instagram, but in my usual style of cooking I looked at what I have in the cupboard / drudge / freezer and what I fancied & came up with my own version 😋 I know you’re supposed to make something

Balancing life with a swim

Balancing life with a swim with my baby girls at the weekend at Trelowarren.  They (& I) love being in the water so much and get so excited kicking and smiling.  It’s moments like these that we must treasure and when we have a more challenging moment try to bring these

Eating in action (9 months old)

Eating in action from a couple of weeks ago 😍  Picnic of humous pin wheel wraps (starchy carbs with protein spread), sticks of Edam cheese (milk based protein), cherry tomatoes which are at least quartered (fruit and veg) and minty pea & broad bean humous – see earlier blog for

Baby shower centre piece

The centre piece at my friend’s baby shower. I didn’t make it but was so impressed I had to share. I love it when people get creative to make fruit and veg show pieces. It was such a great healthy spread and it was great to come away feeling fab

Nancy’s cheese tartlets

We’re lucky enough to have been given our friends family recipe for these yummy easy cheese tartlets.  Ingredients:  Pastry: (short crust if buying) 4oz self raising flour 4oz plain flour 4oz fat (50:50 no added salt butter:lard is a great mix) Filling: 2 eggs 1/4 cup cottage cheese  1/4 cup

Spiced plum porridge

Hurray plums are in season! Eating in season means that you are eating foods at their most nutritious.  Just porridge oats, a dash of mixed spice and some fresh plums cut into little chunks. All cooked together in the microwave. I served the girls with a dollop of Greek yoghurt.

Lunch idea 🌦

Sunshine after the rain, blue skies dododada (or however that song goes 😋) #lunch today for my #10monthold girls with tiger bread tuna and mayo sandwiches with sunshine ray satsuma slices (halved as easier to eat like that) and sweetcorn and sultana rain drops. At this age babies are developing

Free-from ‘icecream’ 

Emma’s ‘icecream’ made in her Thermomix. A really creamy texture with just frozen bananas, frozen pineapple and frozen mango. The whole family and guests loved it 😀☀️🍦 I’ve lost my sweet tooth since eating with the babies. It’s amazing how your palate changes. This was a perfect balance of flavour

Sardines & calcium

What are we eating for lunch today? (food groups in brackets): Sardines (non-milk protein) in tomato sauce & cream cheese (milk protein) blitzed together to make a tasty paste and spread on soldiers of toast (starchy carbs). Mandarins segments halved and chopped cucumber (fruit and veg). This lunch has given

How to reduce evening snacking…

Brushing teeth is a great way to reduce evening snacking!  We all know that it’s important to brush our teeth twice a day but my new ‘timing technique’ is having a great effect on my waist line 😋  I’m encouraging my baby girls to brush their own teeth by doing

Thank you chickens

🐔💖🍳 Herby ham and mushroom omelettes for tea.  The girls enjoyed there’s chopped into bite sized chunks (1 egg omelette each!).  This is my two egg omelette – I added a shake of sesame seeds into mine which gave a great texture and enjoyed a mixed leaf and tomato salad

Do your plastics struggle to dry in the dishwasher? 

Top tip (courtesy of my sister) is to alternate your normal crockery with your plastic. The normal crockery heats up in the dishwasher which enables it to dry. The plastic crockery doesn’t heat up in the same way and that’s why it does dry as effectively. By alternating your crockery

Blackberries on toast

Yum yum, the blackberry season has started. We’ve been blackberry picking with the girls and I wanted to incorporate into lunch. Really enjoyed this cream cheese on toast topped with blackberries. So did the girls 😍 Here W is trying to whip it away whilst I take the pic! #blackberries

Does your little one get at least 3 hours per day of active play?

Move more, sit less, play together. This is the latest mantra for getting active in the early years.  Bring active improves babies and children’s sleep (every parents dream!), builds relationships and social skills and develops muscles and bones. It also contributes to brain development and coordination.  Current UK guidance is

How do you know when a fig is ready to eat? 

Wait until it’s a dark purple colour, dropping and has a bead of syrup dripping from it (see bottom left pic).  Homegrown fresh figs on our ‘carrot cake oats’ with a dollop of yoghurt. What a way to start a Bank Holiday Monday.  See my earlier blog for the porridge

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