Happy decorating 🎄

First weekend in December has started and this is the first decoration going up 😍⛄️🎄 This is a really easy to make decoration. Method: Simply cut a triangle and some rectangles (about 3cm by 10-15cm) out on a cardboard box (this one used to be the tractor that I never

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Tonight’s was made from 500g turkey mince, 2 medium diced onions, a bag of roasted veg, a large handful of edamame beans, a carton of passatta, 3-4 tbsp tomato purée, a load of mixed herbs, a shake of paprika, a glut of vinegar & a good ground of black pepper.

Baby paint

Baby paint session @falmouthartgallery where we did have paper but bodies are more fun 😋 This was our first time and we loved it. As a mum to twins it can be nerve wracking trying a play session like this for the first time especially when W decided not to

Spaghetti eating 😋

I love watching my wee ones suck in the spaghetti 😍 #babyeating #toddlereating #timeforabath #balancedeating #lovemyfreezer #doubleyummy #registereddietitian #paediatricdietitian #dietitian #familyfood #babyfood #toddlerfood #babyfriendly #weaning

How’s your rainbow today?

What does your rainbow look like today?  Ours actually had some raisins in too and some other bits in the cottage pie (used up the other half of last weeks bolognaise topped with potato).  Eating a rainbow is a great way of helping you and your little ones get enough

Nuts about nuts? 

The good news is that a new study indicates that this is great for your health.  The research team that looked lots  of (29) studies which reported results about nut consumption and health showed a positive association between consuming 20g nuts (a handful) of nuts per day and better health

Keeping up-to-date

Feeling inspired today after attending a jam packed update day put on by the Obesity Group of the BDA. Very proud of my colleagues and feeling good about being part of something that is driving forward change for the health of the nation. I’ve met some really inspiring people and

Keeping hydrated

Staying hydrated is important at any time if the year and no matter what your age. Thank you to a good friend of mine and an amazing dietitian Jenna for today’s blog.  ‘Ok I hold my hands up, I’m a Dietitian but I do not practise what I preach when

Star of lunch

Festive food doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy food.  Try using cutter to make interesting shaped sandwiches.  We actually had a shared lunch at playgroup today and the lovely Rachel made these gorgeous star ham sandwiches which were a massive hit.  What do you do to make lunches more

Festive play 🐧

Festive play idea. Loved this one from this afternoon’s playgroup Christmas party.  Really simple. A silver tray with a few plastic penguins 🐧 (could be polar bears or snowmen ⛄️ too 😀) with a couple of giant ice cubes and some star confetti type bits. Add a little water to

A world of discovery 

The wonder of seeing baubles for the first time. It’s such ch a wonderful time of discovery as a toddler and Christmas is an extra special time. What are your favourite things at this time of year? Imagine discovering them for the first time..! One of my favourite things is

Christmas reduced fat savoury biscuits

Trying out a new recipe this afternoon. I’ve swapped most of the butter for yoghurt. Not tasted them yet but they’re looking ok…  Ingredients: 90g flour 70g yoghurt  20g unsalted butter 1/2 tsp mustard powder A little grated strong cheddar Method:  Preheat the oven to 150’C fan / 170’C.  Mix

Herby Cauli Mac for tea

For tonight’s version simply pop the oven in to preheat (about 160’C fan) boil the macaroni and steam the cauliflower over the top.  Whilst that is cooking heat a little oil in a milk pan and then whisk in a couple of tablespoons of plain flour. Once combined gradually add

Balancing the festivities

At this time of plenty it’s good to try and have a healthy lunch / meal when you’ve got the chance.  This is my packed lunch from Thursday: Flatbread with humous, ham & watercress, cherry tomatoes, a raw carrot, a chunk of cucumber, natural yoghurt and (when I left home!)

Sprout tops… & salty facts

Happy Christmas everyone 😍🎄💖  What do you do with your sprout tops?  I love getting spouts on the stalk so that we can enjoy the sprout tops. Here I’ve stir fried them with julienned carrots, broccoli, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, ribbon rice noodles and king prawns.  We all love a

Move away from the nibbles 😂

Blowing away the cobwebs with a Boxing Day swim… well we watched 😋  Well done to so many brave souls for going in. It’s been a good few years since I went in. Maybe next year..!  There’s nothing like getting outside and enjoying some fresh air to get you away

Looking for inspiration for your remaining sprouts and carrots? 

This is a light and fresh tasting dish from last week which was a big hit.  Steamed fish (this was ling but it really doesn’t matter – just use what you have / fancy), grilled (leftover) mashed potatoes & stir fried veggies.  For the veggies we finely sliced the sprouts,

Do you stop when you’re full?

Purple porridge 💖 yep we’re still eating porridge for breakfast! It’s B’s favourite meal of the day. She tends to do breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord & tea like a pauper.  By offering nutritious options throughout the day I’m not worried when she leaves some. In fact

Family fun over food shopping 😋

When you decide to enjoy the sunshine with your family rather than go food shopping..! Eating from the store cupboard and freezer 😋 A quick pitta bread pizza (1/2 pitta for each girl) with tomato purée covered in chopped sun-dried tomatoes, olives, antipasti peppers, ham & a sprinkle of grated

Last lunch of 2016: omelette packed full of veggies

Playing with our plastic eggs today inspired lunch. The girls and I played while daddy cooked. To make this omelette finely chop a leek, julienne a couple of carrots (steam these veggies), chopped garlic (gently fry before adding the rest of the ingredients), add in chopped ham & whisked eggs.

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