Why bother to take the stairs?

You’re probably aware of the activity target of 180 minutes of exercise per week for adults.  But did you know that sedentary behaviour is a health risk factor in its own right? Increasing the activity level of ‘daily living’ is a great way to reduce sedentary time and sometimes this

Use what you’ve got (Spanish Beans)

Spanish beans again but this time we’ve added in 1/2 roasted squash, chopped bell peppers (from the freezer) and used borlotti and black eye beans. You might think why post this only a week after the original..? But I wanted to show how using what you’ve got rather than worrying

National carrot cake day!

As it’s National Carrot Cake Day I thought I’d reshare a pic of one of our favourite breakfasts. In this pic I’ve used a coarse grate for the carrot but I generally do a fine grate as the girls prefer it that way.  This is an overnight oats but TBH

Happy Burns night from the haunted house

​​ (This post is a little late as I’ve been struggling to upload it so apologies.) W & B are in their kilts today to celebrate.  They both love to put shoes on, especially B. Today though they decided to have one each so ended up in a little pretty

Iron boosting bolognaise 

One hand for the pasta and one hand for the spoon!  A great iron rich meal packed full of veggies. Tonight’s bolognaise is a mix of beef and pork mince (I’d intended to make meatballs but it seemed like too much faff today!) and LOADS of veggies. We’ve got onions,

Yummy lasagna 

This is one of my all time favourite meals. Today I’ve used the veg packed bolognaise from the weekend. The only problem was I left the extra portion in sight and so we went back for seconds. I usually try and put it out of temptations way! As the bolognaise

Ham and parsley sauce with spiced red cabbage

Ham and parsley sauce. Served with mashed potato, green beans, multicoloured carrots and spiced red cabbage.  Pop the ham in the pressure cooker for 45 minutes, boiling it reduces the salt content a little.  Next for the parsley sauce. I use a couple of teaspoons of rapeseed oil (a good

Sunday Stir Fry

A Sunday roast is a great way to get a load of veggies in. Today however we achieved the same objective with a veggie packed ‘Sunday stir fry’.  This one has crayfish, ginger, mushrooms, shredded sprouts, finely chopped cabbage and spring onions, grated carrot, chopped garlic with sesame oil &

The psychology of food…

Love is in the air! What role does food play in your life? What do you use food for?  We enjoyed this heart shaped pasta for tea tonight as it’s Valentine’s Day 💖  Today I had a excellent clinical supervision session with a brilliant psychologist. We were looking at how

When can I give my child an apple?

I’ll have your apple too please mummy… Some children can cope with eating a whole apple at a young age but for most it’s a good idea to slice and soften eg by steaming in the microwave.  By doing it this way you can gradually increase how hard it is

Family (& waist!) friendly Friday fish and chips

Tonight the oven went on and in went the par-boiled (with skins on as I like the taste and it ups the fibre) carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes all cut into batons or wedges with a little drizzle of oil over the top and sea bass fillets on another tray.

Mum’s cottage pie

When you’ve tried to fit too many things into the day and are not sure how you’re going to do tea… then a text comes through ‘would you like to come for tea?’ YES PLEASE!  Mum’s cottage pie:  Mince, carrots, parsnip, mushrooms, tin toms, tin low salt baked beans, cornflour

When the oven is on..!

Last weeks’s fish pie. Sorry, I know that makes it two ‘mash meals’ that I’ve shared this week 😂 Fish pie is almost a weekly occurrence in our house as it’s loved by all and a great way of getting those yummy and mega healthy omega 3 fats in.  This

Should we eat more fruit and veg? Don’t be disheartened…

We all know that eating fruit and veg is good for us. The 5-a-day campaign has successfully got that message across. Whether or not we achieve it is another thing. Is it really that good or is it just another arbitrary target that some well meaning out of touch health

It’s ok not to finish your plate

This can be hard to remember as a parent. Sometimes we are hungrier than other and this is the same for our children. Allowing, in fact encouraging them to stop eating when they are full is so important.  Gone are the days of parents telling their children that they must

Need a nap? 

Did you know that getting enough sleep is linked with a longer life expectancy?! It doesn’t matter how old you are doing something to improve your sleep could significantly benefit your health and mental wellbeing.  I know that’s sometimes easier said than done as a parent and might mean going

DeChox for March?

Have you managed to stick to your New Years resolution? Most resolutions are out of the window by March.  I love this campaign by the British Heart Foundation encouraging people to give up chocolate for March.  Could you do a family challenge and reward yourself by doing a family activity

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