Festival fun

So much family fun at #greatestatefestival this weekend ✌️💃🏻🕺🏻🌺 #familytime #festival #cornwall

Making your new potatoes last longer 🥔

Our first new potatoes of the season 😍 B loved helping harvest – she brought the bucket up, carefully took the potatoes from the veg bed & washed them in the bucket ready to be cooked. B is never more content than when she’s helping. We only have a few

Fancying something sweet & refreshing but still healthy?

Have you tried grape sorbets? Ingredients: grapes Method: put grapes into the freezer for at least two hours. Then enjoy whenever you fancy. Yes that it! The only caveat I’d give is that if giving to young children make sure you quarter the grapes as they are just the right

Beta-glucans benefit heart health

Carrot & pineapple porridge to kick a wet summers morning into action. Recipe devised, prepped, cooked (can be done the evening before) & photographed in collaboration 🤣 In my ‘day job’ I’m privileged enough to work with families who have a genetic predisposition to raised levels of fat in the

Do you want to keep your herbs coming for longer?

I learnt this top tip off my mum today: cut off the flowers and the plant will bush out and last longer 😍 🌱 The girls love picking all of the leaves off when we’re cooking. #herbs #freshherbs #doubleyummy

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