It’s Published!

My case study made the final edit 😍 This is the new textbook which accompanies the principle dietetic textbook in the UK.  #published #paediatricdietitian #registereddietitian #dietitian #casestudy #professional #doubleyummy

Roasted veg tortellini 

Last Friday’s tea after a busy day at Bongo Babies and visiting friends.  This is a mega quick, minimal prep tea of spinach and ricotta tortellini with cream cheese, mange tout peas and roasted peppers and courgette (plus red pepper pesto for me).  I boiled the peas with the tortellini

Back to work, please bare with me

Back to work this week. So this means spending less time with my mini-bees, I’ll have less time to blog for a little while whilst we all adjust and my feet have to wear something other than fip flops… On the up side it’ll help me to keep my professional

Sunday Roast Lamb

I love sitting around the table catching up with the extended family over dinner. The girls enjoy the relaxed nature of these meals and often seem to eat better. Thank you Uncle Stu for cooking such a yummy tea. Roasted lamb, roasted parsnips & potatoes with steamed broccoli and carrots.

Saturday’s steak night 😍

Steak and herby wedges with steamed carrot batons and greens, and roasted squash (roasted with some fresh sage and halved garlic bulbs) mixed with cream cheese. Now I have to be honest the squash was just going to be wedges too but I left them in the oven too long

Getting ahead with overnight oats

A nice big dollop of yoghurt on this carrot cake porridge. Thanks to Beej for sharing this pic of her breakfast this morning. We’ve been enjoying it too as I find being able to prep for breakfast the night before a big help on work mornings. I need to be

Piglets 😍

💖🐖🐓🐐🐂 😊 Checking out where our food comes from @trevaskisfarm 😍🍅🍎🍏🍐🍓🍆🌽 and singing a couple if obligatory verses of Old MacDonald’s Farm! Supporting our local businesses and farmers is important to us. I’m not saying we never use supermarkets as that’s not true, but we do love getting local food

Pork and bean wrap 

That’s a wrap 🎬a really yummy one in fact 😍 pulled pork, grated cheese, mixed salad leaves, chopped spring onions, natural yoghurt, a dash of homemade fruity tomato sauce, cooked down pinto beans (with a dash of cumin) and a few quartered cherry tomatoes. So many great combos possible, this

Enjoying Autumn 🍂 

Walking and playing in the Autumn leaves 🍂 🍃 Simple things can be lots of fun. Imagine you’re exploring these crunchy colourful leaves for the first time – and then remember they are! #sensoryplay #12months #babyfriendly #familytime #colourful #autumn #leaves

Sweet potato humous

One to try this weekend 😍 1 Sweet potato boiled ½ Carrot grated 4 Cherry tomatoes ½ Garlic clove Small bunch basil Juice of half a lemon Olive oil to make consistency you’re after Blitz together Enjoy as a dip as part of a salad, with veggie sticks, low salt

Box fun: play house

Our first Wendy House is a massive hit. It’s not the most polished creation, in fact it’s a work in progress. I’ve made a tunnel entrance with a smaller box which they love crawling through. This is day 3 (we’ll it’ll be tomorrow but this is with the new window

Portion distortion..!

She actually only chewed a little bit whilst helping me process the apples from our tree. But it made me think about how portion sizes have changed over the years. Using a smaller plate is a great way to help manage your portion size. It makes the brain think we’re

Spag Bol – great for the freezer

You can’t beat a Spag Bol for a family after work tea. Especially if you’ve made a big batch up and frozen!! I made this with lean beef mince, onions, garlic and peppers from the freezer and passatta, tomato purée, mixed herbs & kidney beans from the cupboard so this

Roast mini pumpkins and chicken for a Halloween weekend 🎃

These little pumpkins and squash were so tasty. Much more flavoursome than some of the larger ones grown for colour and size to be made into lanterns. Of course roasting the flesh makes it a sweeter and more intense flavour which will improve any pumpkin and so that will probably

Trying to loose fewer  beakers..!

Love it when you go out to a cafe and they have lots of highchairs (or two that aren’t being used!).  I’ve been loosing cups and so my new trick is to mix the bottoms and tops of the beakers so that I remember they’re mine and take them home…

Happy Halloween 🎃

More cheeky than scary 😋loving all of the different types of squash and pumpkin in season at the moment 😍  #squash #pumpkin #haloween #autumn #foodie #fall #dietitian #paediatricdietitian #registereddietitian

Happy Halloween 🎃

We’ve roasted a load of these so I’ll be putting up ideas for how to use up over the next few days 😍  #pumpkin #happyhalloween #doubleyummy #dietitian

Pumpkin and tuna pasta

This is a mega quick dish and a great week night family tea.  The pumpkin makes a lovely creamy sauce which is good for fussy eaters and little ones eating with their fingers alike. This meal gets in a fish portion is economical to make and uses up the abundant

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