Beef stew 

Serves 4 adults and two babies with left over beef for sandwiches etc and a couple of baby portions of stew for the freezer unless you’re hungry adults! Ingredients: Beef joint eg silverside Carrots x4 (chopped into big chunks, I used organic so kept the skins on as I love

Honeydew Melon ☀️

One of the tastiest melons I’ve ever eaten. The girls absolutely LOVED it too. Just look at the golden colour ☀️  Rich in Vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium and fibre melons are a really healthy food, with diets rich in these nutrients being linked to health including lower blood pressure. 

A quick vibrant lunch

Lunch for me & the girls (now 9 months). For me: Egg (mashed with a little salad cream) In a whole meal wrap, Plum cherry tomatoes,  Fresh pineapple chunks,  Carrot sticks (skins on as organic)  & my new humous (minty pea & broad bean) recipe coming soon! For the girls:

Minty pea and broad bean humous 

Minty pea and broad bean humous – just finished & I have to admit I’ve already eaten some! Yummy 😍 Ingredients: 300g peas (fresh or frozen) 300g broad beans (I’ve used the ones straight from the garden! But if you’re not growing them they’re in season so in most shops

Pineapple porridge with a dollop of Greek yoghurt

This beautifully ripe pineapple gave a great sweet zinginess to our porridge this morning. Did you know that pineapples are not only rich sources of Vitamin C and fibre, but also manganese? Manganese is important for bone health. By eating a good range of fruits and vegetables it allows your

Herby cauliflower & macaroni with crispy cheese top

A lower fat and lower salt version of the classics mac cheese and cauliflower cheese. Adding mustard powered and herbs to the white sauce and just topping with cheese rather than a cheese sauce allows this to be an everyday meal for the whole family. Mustard powder gives the sauce

Pea, ham, chicken & carrot risotto 

This was made extra yummy by using stock made from yesterday’s roast chicken (thank you hubby!) & it meant that it was so low in salt, but you could use a low salt stock cube instead. We grated in the carrot which worked really well.  The girls enjoyed this both

Do fruit pastilles count as a portion of fruit?

11% of 11-16 year olds think that fruit pastilles count as part of their 5-a-day for fruit and veg..!  Eat fact not fiction is the theme for this weeks Dietitians Week. It’s also the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week and they’ve just released the details of a recent

Boost your iron absorption by up to 50%…

  Iron deficiency is the leading nutritional deficiency worldwide. In the U.K. 8% of women and 3% of men are thought to have iron deficiency anaemia which is when your iron stores are clinically low and can be the cause of many symptoms including tiredness, dizziness, brittle or grooved nails,

Pickle love on the beach

Happy Father’s Day 💙 Here are our little pickles with their daddy enjoy the evening in the beach.  Where else would you want to have tea?!  We popped to the beach to meet some old friend’s who are back from Sydney. Some things in life change a lot but some

Simple snack idea: corn on the cob

Sweet corn or corn on the cob counts as one if your 5-a-day for your fruits & veggies and it is a great source of fibre. Fibre is important for your health for lots of reasons including feeding the good gut bacteria which helps to keep a healthy digestive system. 

Pre An Gof celebrations dinner

Mediterranean tagliatelle.   A really yummy dish cooked up by my hubby on his day with the girls this week. I whipped in quickly and then headed out to the An Gof celebrations in St Keverne. I can’t believe it was 20 years ago that we walked to Bkackheath in

Portion control & pitta bread pizza

This is my lunch & the girls had a roughly half sized portion (ate 1/3 pitta each) with some additional cucumber sticks and I ate a carrot whilst prepping! Sometimes I hear people say you can’t have too much of a good thing. If only this were true… Grapes are

Keeping up the fibre with Peach Melba for breakfast

Today’s raspberry porridge is topped with 1/2 sliced peach.  Seasonal fruit is always so tasty. We always try to get a portion (2 if it’s carrot cake porridge) of fruit & veg in at breakfast.  Fruit and veggies are not only great sources of a wide range of vitamins and

When can I give peppermint tea?

Admittedly not the most frequently asked question in my clinics! But something other than water / water is boring is.   We are always saying that variety is the spice, but then when it comes to drinks the advice tends to be water or milk (in moderation) with the occasional

Herb roll making on an open fire

Getting children to get involved in making their own food is a great way to get them to try new things and to learn to enjoy for food more than just the eating.  Both girls loved making and eating their herby rolls as Enys Gardens Food Jam today and this

Upside down crumble quiche

Not really sure what to call it, but this epic fail at defrosting some leftover pastry that is frozen turned into something so yummy I thought I’d share!  At one of my children’s weight management groups this week we were discussing (with the parents and extended family whilst the children

Sunshine in the veggie patch

Beautiful yellow courgette flowers. I can’t decide whether to eat them or wait for the yummy courgettes behind them! Courgettes are so versatile. Great sliced, diced, ‘spaghettied’ cut into fingers or thin slithers. Eaten raw or cooked. Stir fried, steamed or in a bolognaise, chilli, tagine or ratatouille. How do

What a great colour these fleeces are! 

Meeting the sheep at Stithians Show today.  The girls loved watching the carding and spinning of the fleece too.  We’ve had such a great day as the girls and I braved our first agricultural show without a buggy (one carrier) and just a handbag! It was great to see so

Slowing down the pace of snack time… 

​​ Sometimes we don’t realise we’ve eaten when it’s gone quickly. This can lead to over eating.  As your children get older let them do more of the prep. This can be as simple as getting them to perl their own satsuma or eating peas from the pod.  It also

What healthy lolly pops..?! 

Yes so easy, yummy and healthy.  Simply chop up some fruit and mix into some Greek yoghurt and load into your lolly mold! Pop in the freezer and enjoy in the sunshine ☀️ Top tip: when taking them out of the mould run it under warm water first as it’ll

Early (?) hedgerow snacks

Are blackberries out earlier than usual this year? This is a pic from last weekend i.e. July… #blackberries #hedgerow #snack #early #seasonal #doubleyummy #dietitian #localfood #eatinseason #cornwall #lovecornwall #cornishlife 

Spiced banana yoghurt ice lollies

  Ingredients: Mashed banana  Plain Greek yoghurt (or milk free alternative if needed) Mixed spice or cinnamon  Method: Mix about 50:50 banana and yoghurt with a shake of cinnamon. Spoon into ice lolly mounds and pop into the freezer.  When trying to take them out of the mouldy run quickly

Pimms o’clock!

One for the mums and dads 😍 good use of the lolly mounds! #pimms #pimmsoclock #notforchildren #doubleyummy #everythinginmoderation #bankholiday #summer #lovecornwall #cornishlife #cornwall #icelollies

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