Animal pasta

Cosy Spanish beans from the freezer last night. Served with this colourful animal pasta which the girls loved! It didn’t matter that some of them were green (we were starting to go through an anti green stage but dare I say it things have relaxed a little again…). This dish

Showing appreciation & the DeChox

Thank you! DoubleYummy now has 250 followers on Instagram 😀  How do you show your appreciation? These beautiful flowers make me smile every time I come into the room. No downside to a gift like this.  I often get asked for weight management tips. Doing something simple like showing appreciation

We’re going on a bear hunt…

Swishy swashy, swishy swashy!  Initially both girls weren’t sure about pushing through the grasses but after going into the spiral path behind me they happily led the way out! It’s amazing to watch as their confidence grows.  We had such fun at this park in Falmouth- loads to see and

Lasagne doesn’t need to be a carb fest

I love food (in case you hadn’t guessed!) but this remains one of my all time favourite meals. Lasagne and peas – ummm.  Recipe: this is enough for spaghetti and lasagne for a family of 4. As our littleies are only 17 months there was a portion of lasagne left

Daisy picking

A perfect early spring Sunday activity in the garden.  What do you like to do outside?  Today we were finding daisies and bright yellow dandelions and counting their petals (well the number of pinches of petals!). The girls loved picking them and then enjoyed watching the petals drift to the

Beany roasted squash soup

On a placemat made by their 3 year old cousin 💖 This was such a hit with B. Orange is her favourite colour for food!  Really simple to make. When the oven was on a couple of days ago I popped a whole squash and a few shallots still in

Tired? Don’t let it be due to dehydration…

It’s National Nutrition and Hydration Week. Did you know that a leading cause of tiredness is dehydration? A recent study by the National Hydration Council reveals that dehydration is actually the cause of 1 in 10 visits to the GP for tiredness and fatigue!  Dehydration can be a trigger to

A balanced family-friendly meal ready in 5 minutes…

When you’re on a night away but realise at 4.45pm that none of the local restaurants start serving food until at least 6pm and your little ones need to eat around 5pm… 😬 Quick dash into the local shop to see what we can throw together.  Luckily there were some

Living remotely doesn’t mean you can’t get involved!

2 years ago I was lucky enough to go for the launch of the APPG Early Year paper that I’d been involved with & afternoon tea at the House of Lords hostessed by Baroness Benjamin.  I’d never had a mini cake served to me before 😋 Being there was a

When is my child old enough to eat a banana from the skin? 

Well to be honest there isn’t an age!  I started giving banana mashed and then in fingers (if you gently squeeze a banana it will split into three) which are easy to grab.  When their hands were bigger I moved onto 1/3-1/2 banana depending on the size of the fruit. 

Salt free stock in 60 minutes

As World Salt Awareness Week draws to a close I thought it’d be good to share our salt free stock recipe.  So why do we bother to go to the effort of making stock when you can just use a couple of stock cubes? Did you know that when you

Toddlers eating squid?!

  Squid is a great low fat source of protein. But best of all cooked right it’s absolutely delicious! Leonie & Neil thank you for such a delicious Mother’s Day lunch (at The Greenhouse). We all loved it.  W & I did a swap as she ate nearly half of

Don’t be restricted when making salad 😀

This is the life! A ‘what’s in the fridge salad’ sat on Poldhu beach with family and friends. There’s no place I’d rather be! This salad has a base of bistro beetroot mix topped with cucumber, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped gherkin, boiled egg, pickled blackberries, 1/2 slice crispy smoked bacon

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