Happy New Year! A year for enjoying every moment 

Celebrating with some play dough fun 😀 These ice cube trays used to have a very different function for celebrating the coming of a new year 😂 We had fun with biscuit cutters, ice cube trays, coloured bowls & the texture of the back of the chopping board. What do

Mega salad for tea 😍

My salad: The girls salad: My mega salad: With some chopped chicken and smoked salmon baubles. The baubles were reduced from £6 to 75p for 4 just because of the shape and they’re still a great source of omega 3 fats! So we’ve celebrated hubby’s birthday with them 😍 I’ve

Spiced apple oaty bite making

Mashed bananas 🍌 stewed apple, mixed spice and oats (50:50 oats to fruit works well, though we just used the fruit we had and then added oats until we got a mouldable texture).  Shape and bake for 15 minutes at 180’C. That’s it!  #noaddedsugar #oats #spicedapple #oatybites #kidsfood #kidscooking #babyfood

Could you double the veggies you roast this weekend? 

This is our roasted chicken and squash risotto. We roasted double the veggies (squash, sweet potato, carrot, parsnip, garlic and onion) earlier in the week and are enjoying the benefits!  We made a low salt stock from the chicken carcass in the pressure cooker so this is a really family

Wrap up and go out

​ Did you know that under 5s should have at least 3 hours of active time each day? ​​​ ​Wellies, coats, hats and gloves on & we’re off! Just because it’s a cold snap doesn’t mean you need to be stuck indoors.  The girls loved exploring the garden before lunch.

Baking time

Not cakes but fish, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, turnip (swede) and potatoes served with kale.  This is a pic of the girls’ meal, we the same but a lot more kale and some curry paste in the fish. No need to add any fat when cooking. Baking really brings out

Let it snow ⛄️️

Snow all over the country but not here in Cornwall so W painted this wintery scene today @falmouthartgallery who hosted a fantastic twins baby paint session.  Lots of messy fun, painting with fingers, balls, shuttlecocks and cones, dancing and running about looking at the art. Thank you.  #twins #winter #snow

Pink grapefruit and Greek yoghurt

Keeping those sour tastes going in.  We started on sour and bitter tastes at the start of the ‘introducing solids’ journey and now try to keep them going in regularly.  Dare I say it but so far they both love these sharp tastes- long may it last.  Since they’ve been

Quick food but not ready meals

We all know that cooking from scratch gives us control over what goes in, especially salt, sugar and fat, but sometimes time is lacking. I ‘fall back’ on a stir fry roughly weekly. They’re so tasty and a great way of getting loads of veggies in and either using up

My ‘sticker’

I’ve got my first Redwood Forest Badge!  What a great motivator hitting small targets is. I love the way my activity tracker gives me rewards.  How do you recognise your achievements? Using a rewards system is recognised by NICE as an effective behaviour change tool.  I’ve spent most of the

How do you show your appreciation? 

Letting others know that you appreciate them can be a really powerful thing. Sometimes you can be surrounded by people but still feel lonely, yet other times you might be on your own but still feel connected.  Feeling ‘part of something’ is really important for our overall wellbeing.  Today is

Cosy Spanish Beans

We needed a cosy meal full of flavour this evening as we’re full of colds. This was really easy to prepare and delicious- perfect after a busy week.  Beans tend to be underused, unless they’re coated in sugary and salty tomato sauce 😂  Beans are a really great source of

Leftovers. Don’t you just love them?! 

Whenever it makes sense to I cook double (or more) or do. I can then pop it in the fridge or freezer and have my own ‘ready meal’ with the bonus of convenience and the knowledge of great ingredients and no hidden fats, salt or sugar as you often find

Why one monitoring method never tells you the truth

Here we are enjoying the frosty grass whilst we let the chickens out this midnight, but I digress 😂 Today I went for a 50 minute walk pushing the buggy. It’s a walk that I do very regularly. I’ve had my activity tracker for 3 weeks now and I know

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