If you don’t want to loose the best, pick it first! 

Feeling very philosophical this morning 😍 Happy 1st of September & ☀️ start of the Cornish indian summer to you.  We’re out foraging or more specifically blackberry picking and I can’t believe how big and juicy they are this year. No exaggeration I’ve git some that are 2-3 times bigger

Stay hydrated without the sugar

Flavour your water without adding any sugar or artificial sweeteners. It’s important for you and your family to stay hydrated, especially during the warm weather but nobody needs all of the sugar that is packed into so many drinks.  Before I go on I need to say that babies do

More than your daily vitamin C requirement in just one kiwi!

Did you know that a medium kiwi (about 75g) gives you a mega 115% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C? I’m sure you will all know that Vitamin C is an important antioxidant which helping protect the body against free radical damage. But did you also know that it’s

It’s a wrap

Humous wrap strips. Instead of our usual mini pin wheel wraps today I’ve simply spread humous on half a wrap and folded it over. It’s then cut into different shaped pieces for interest.  Interest for me as much as anyone as I’m keen to see if they prefer / find

Almond butter corn cake 

  Smooth almond butter on a low salt corn cake for this afternoon’s snack. Be warned its a bit messy so have a cloth ready for after eating 😋  #almondbutter #corncake #snack #babyfriendly #weaning #babyfood #toddlerfood #blw #dietitian #registereddietitianwu 

Summer berry Oaty bites for GBBO biscuit week

In the spirit of the #greatbritishbakeoff #biscuit week we’ve made a new flavour of our #babyfriendly oaty bites.  What are your favourite biscuits? Can you make them baby (and therefore more waistline 😋) friendly? Let me know your ideas. As these are simply oats and fruit they are high in

Egg-citement 🐔

A double yolker 😍 what a treat. There’s always been excitement at a double yolk egg in our house, but now that I’m a twin mummy they make me feel extra happy 💖💖  Eggs are a really great source of protein and vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, Vitamin A,

Colourful lunch 🌈

How is your rainbow looking today? As a general rule coloured fruits and veggies have different nutrients in them so eating a rainbow regularly is a great approach to balanced eating.  We had figs with our porridge this morning (purple) and banana (yellow) for snack this morning so maybe some

Here it is 😍 Deep filled smoked salmon and Romanesco quiche

Ingredients:  Thinly rolled short crust pastry (4 oz plain flour, 1 oz unsalted butter & 1 oz lard) A couple of slices of smoked salmon 1/4 romanesco (can use broccoli or asparagus instead) cut into small pieces and steamed until aldente  5-6 eggs A small glug of milk Handful chopped

Minimal prep herby spag bol

Well it was actually tagliatelle as we’d run out of spaghetti! The girls love wiggly foods like this.  A minimal prep dish courtesy of frozen veggies as we had people coming for tea and I had very little time to spare.   This made enough for 5 adult and 4

Maria’s Spanakorizo

A few days away have meant having some lovely food cooked for us this week. More importantly though it’s been a chance to catch up with friends and explore new ideas. More on this at some point.  Spanakorizo (Greek ‘Spinach rice’) Ingredients: I diced onion 3 spring onions Chopped dill

Peacock themed early birthday tea party 

With only a couple of weeks until our gorgeous girls turn 1 we had an peacock themed early birthday tea party today ‘Up country’ (when you’re Cornish this defines anywhere north of the Tamar River 😋).  Platter 1: 1/2 a pear cut into slices for the body Quartered grapes and

Ham and potato balls with peas and parsley sauce

Ingredients to serve two adults and two 11 month olds: Ham joint or chunky cut cooked ham Peas (3 handfuls) For the mashed potato: Potatoes (I use two and a half fist sized or equivalent – you can use left over mash to make things like fish cakes, or freeze

Salmon paste and cucumber sandwiches

We all enjoyed salmon paste sandwiches for lunch today. The girls had sticks of the centre of the the cucumber and I used the outer parts in my sandwich.  The girls had steamed carrot sticks and cheese battons too and I had an apple. This made a quick to prepare

Beef, peppers and peas with wholemeal fusilli pasta

The girls enjoy the spirally pastas like fusilli. They can hold it well and it’s easy to bite into chunks. This dish is a great source of iron. This recipe is enough for 4x adults and 4x 12 month olds – we saved half as the base of my lasagne,

Squash and sundried tomato frittata 

Lunch out for my mums birthday. This was the delicious squash and sundried tomato frittata served with lots of yummy salads. The girls loved the frittata! I must have a go at making frittata at home as they’re really simple to make especially if you boil some extra potatoes the

Different eating styles…

Having twins makes me feel like I’m part of a behaviour experiment on a daily basis. Babies and toddlers have different eating styles and it doesn’t mean that one is right and one is wrong, they’re just different and likely a reflection of their personality than anything else! Cleaning up

Miranda’s fish pie

What a treat it was to have this cooked for us. So yummy I have to share it. I particularly liked the eggs in it 💖🐔 Ingredients: 6 large potatoes 2 eggs 1 large handful of spinach (you could use a couple of nuggets of frozen spinach) 1 handful of

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