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I’m new to blogging but everyone says to give it a go… As a mum of twin girls (Bella & Wynnie) & a children’s dietitian I’m loving trying new things out at mealtimes, but have found that I need as many hacks as I can as everyday is busy. These mini meal hacks & food ideas are what I’d like to share. My girls have very different approaches to eating & drinking and life in general. I find it fascinating to see how different they are 😀

Lunch today went down well. Bella thinks she’s older than she is though as wants to eat off metal cutlery! Here we are part way through lunch. Today we’ve got a couple of slices of boiled egg, chopped cherry tomatoes (really important to at least quarter to reduce the choking risk), sliced avocado, a little bit of ham & some mixed beans, tomato & basil humous & bread soldiers with a cup of water.

Wynnie was first to finish (as always) with just one mouthful left on the plate & only a bite of egg on the floor! I really don’t know where she puts it all. I’m always impressed with how well she knows when she’s full and stops eating. Bella’s slow but steady approach, with plenty of water to drink, also proved successful with only a slice of egg & a bread solider left & a bite of avocado on the floor!

It’s my first batch of homemade bread for 6 months. I had to let Herman the sour dough starter pass on when the girls were a few weeks old as it proved a bit too much to be making my own sour dough bread with tiny twins! Ive started again with the bread as this way I can reduce the salt content & know exactly what’s in it. I have everything in for humous so maybe we’ll have a go at that this week… I was put off last time I made it as I had such a big batch & just didn’t want to eat that much! I wonder if you can freeze humous?

Going to take the girls swimming at Trelowarren’s outdoor pool this afternoon. They really love the water. It’ll be one at a time with granny sitting on the side. We are lucky to have such a fab family 😍 & to live in Cornwall 🏊☀️😀

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