Health benefits of cinnamon…

We love cinnamon and mixed spice! Here is paired with some oats, milk, finely grated carrot and sultanas to make our ‘carrot cake porridge’ and topped with deliciously creamy Greek yoghurt. There’s a growing body of evidence in support of cinnamon in health. It’s important to remember with any of

Treasure hunt!

Digging for the gold (mango) in our porridge this morning. Simply stick in some frozen mango when cooking your porridge and let the treasure hunt begin 😍 #noaddedsugar #sugarfreefebruary @cr_uk #mango #porridge #treasurehunt #twins #toddlerlife #babyfood #toddlerfood #familyfood #paediatricdietitian #dietitian #doubleyummy

Happy Sunday everyone – make it achievable

🍉☀️ couldn’t resist a slice of #watermelon in the sun for a post run second #breakfast It’s not a long run (25mins) but this means it fits in with most family plans for the day and we are pretty consistent in doing it every week. It’s better to do something

Breakfast conversations

Love our breakfast conversations ‘Mummy can you send a picture of my rainbow to Uncle Dan. He’ll be proud!’ They’re both into people being proud of them at the moment 😊#porridge #proud

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