Double Gloucester-ing the start of (free) Sugar free February

Kicking of @cr_uk #sugarfreefebruary (no free sugars so the grapes are fine!). This is Double Gloucester cheese. I was reminded recently of the importance of maintaining all of that hard work that you put in during the first year of your little ones eating. I found I was getting into

Health benefits of cinnamon…

We love cinnamon and mixed spice! Here is paired with some oats, milk, finely grated carrot and sultanas to make our ‘carrot cake porridge’ and topped with deliciously creamy Greek yoghurt. There’s a growing body of evidence in support of cinnamon in health. It’s important to remember with any of

Treasure hunt!

Digging for the gold (mango) in our porridge this morning. Simply stick in some frozen mango when cooking your porridge and let the treasure hunt begin 😍 #noaddedsugar #sugarfreefebruary @cr_uk #mango #porridge #treasurehunt #twins #toddlerlife #babyfood #toddlerfood #familyfood #paediatricdietitian #dietitian #doubleyummy

Snow love

Best friends forever. It may have been a thin layer but last week’s snow was enough for the girls to have fallen in love with the white stuff 😍 The neighbours randomly had two sledges in their garage which got some good use, but now they keep asking when they

Potato love

Love is in the air! Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. This potato reminded me of the unwarranted bad press that the poor old potato gets. We love potatoes in our house. Some of our favourite ways to eat them are boiled, mashed, chopped into stews and moussaka,

Veggie packed cheats mousakka

Tonight’s veggie packed cheats mousakka. Lamb can be expensive but it’s delicious so my advice is to bulk it out with veggies so that it’s cheaper per serving yet retains all of that yummy flavour. Here lentils boost the protein and fibre content at the same time. You’ve got to

Baby-chinos at the beach

I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful day than on the beach with friends. Thanks to @poldhu for doing ‘baby-chinos’ for the girlsI they love the frothy milk. Unlike the ones that you get at some of the big brand coffee shops these are just milk

Snow day bird food

I hope you’re all enjoying the snow. Our seeds and nuts in dripping (I save all of the fat from our roast) priced popular with this little guy in today’s snow ❄️ #feedthebirds #robin #snow #snowday #wastenotwantnot

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