Black bean masala, pumpkin & avocado wrap

I’m really enjoying new wrap combos at the moment and this is my favourite for a long while.  The girls had the pumpkin and avocado in there wrap folded in half and cut into wedges and served with the other contents in the side as finger food and with the

Celeriac humous

Celeriac humous (another from the lovely Chloe) Ingredients: ½ Celeriac cubed and roasted or boiled 1 Tablespoon tahini plus a bit of water if it’s the more sturdy type 1 Tablespoon olive oil 2-3 Tablespoons natural or plain Greek yoghurt ½ Garlic clove crushed Mash or blend it all together

Can you guess what it is?

I love these giant citrus fruit which are now in season (or now in the shops!). Today B&W had it for the first time and they couldn’t get enough! I peel the segment skins off which is pretty easy to do. It’s thought to be the ancestor of the grapefruit…

Looking for some first food inspiration?

As my girls are now a year old I thought it’d be useful to have some ideas for when you’re starting out on the exciting journey that is introducing solids. So from now on I’ll try and put some of these ideas up before we serve our meals..!  Avocado is

Balancing breakfast post bonfire night

So it’s not a toffee apple but it is in season 😋  As you might have guessed we love porridge! It’s sets us up well for the day and helps keep those hanger pangs at bay.  Today’s is made with whole milk for the girls and semi skimmed for me

Imagination. What do you see?

I’ll tell you what I see with the proud eyes of a mummy who’s daughter used a paint brush on her own fir the first time… Well I see a tree in the shoreline and a firework lighting up the sky with its reflection in the water 😍. Life’s a

Incorporating activity into your day

Can you spy my wheelbarrow? I may have gotten carried away with my garden clearance…  You don’t need to go to a structured exercise class or for a run to be active!  Current recommendations for adults is to be active for 180 minutes every week.  This might be pushing your

A healthier twist on egg on toast

Egg and tomatoes on avocado spread toast. You could up the healthiness stakes by poaching your egg.  This balanced lunch gives you two of your 5-a-day for fruit and veggies and it’s a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats from the avocado. The egg is a great source of protein

Exploring the craft box

I was thinking to get the paints or glue out but didn’t need to as the girls lived just exploring the crafting boxes contents.  Pipe cleaners, coloured feathers, bottles of paint and foam shapes all fun to play with without getting messy today (it was a long night!).  #toddlers #craftbox

Blowing away the cobwebs! 

Wellies on and we’re off to see if the chickens have laid any eggs. Sorry for lack of blogs we’ve a poorly girl. Sleep needed 💤💤💤  #mumlife #momlife #sleepneeded #babies #toddler #twins #twinlife #doubleyummy #paediatricdietitian #dietitian #registereddietitian 

Kitchen helper

Whisking cucumber chunks whilst I make the risotto.  Getting involved in the kitchen doesn’t always need to be actually cooking the dinner when you’re 13 months old 😋 but being ‘involved’ is a great way to encourage fussy eaters to explore textures and interact with food without the pressure of

Courgette and ham risotto

Sometimes the food you think they’ll want to use the spoon for is the food they love eating with their hands and vice versa. Saying that B used her spoon for every mouthful. W was is too much if a hurry to faff with the spoon 😂  We use homemade

Which are the ‘superfoods’?

Steamed salmon, broccoli and carrots served with paprika & herby sweet potato wedges.  Salmon is a great source of protein rich in the mega healthy omega 3 fatty acids – so surely it’s the salmon..? Broccoli is high in fibre and micronutrients. These include Vitamins C, B6 & A, magnesium,

Courgette carbonara

I was thinking to maybe do my first squid ink risotto for Black Friday but I didn’t have the energy to get it together! So instead we had courgette penne carbonara with a little ham and a good helping of watermelon 🍉  This is a simple yet balanced family friendly

I can share

Don’t they say that reading just before going to sleep is a great way of learning..?  Well let’s hope so as W insisted on take this book for a walk this morning 😋 As you can see B is really into shoes at the moment. She’ll walk around in my

Fruity lamb & veggie packed stew

When I set out I was going to make a lamb tagine but then as I looked at the ingredients I had it’s a little removed from the original recipe so I thought I should call it something else!  Bulking up with pulses and veggies  makes this a great balanced

Penguin feeding time 😍

Happy 2nd birthday to my gorgeous niece.  Celebrating @paradiseparkcornwall feeding the penguins! 🐧 💖  Enjoying the out of season treats if Cornish life!  #specialmoments #cousins #twins #penguins #mumlife #familytime #cornishlife #lovecornwall 

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