Out of the house all day

Double party day so a lot to pack for including two picnics. I love variety in a day but the fridge is getting low and I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to pull together without cooking facilities when out and about.  Then it came to me,

Use it up / freezer soup made in the pressure cooker

You can use pretty much any veg you have to make a yummy soup. It’s a great way of using up odds and ends in the fridge / veg box. I usually supplement it with freezer veg 😍 Today’s ingredients: a couple of handful of frozen onions, a couple of

Sensory and developmental play for playgroup friends

Here we are all set up for play group to visit today. The summer holidays have put a spanner in the works for our weekly plans so we decided to host playgroup at Cornish Camels today! Lots of sensory and developmental play opportunities which include: Sensory basket – including brushes,

Magic carpets for our finger food picnic

We love our picnic rug but it’s not ideal for eating moister things off. So today we tried something new – sitting on our place mats & I’m pleased to say it worked well. Not only are they wipe clean and fun to look at but they’re also easy to

Pea, ham, chicken & carrot risotto 

This was made extra yummy by using stock made from yesterday’s roast chicken (thank you hubby!) & it meant that it was so low in salt, but you could use a low salt stock cube instead. We grated in the carrot which worked really well.  The girls enjoyed this both

Loving rhubarb’s sourness

Fresh rhubarb from my friends garden (ours isn’t strong enough to cut much this year, hopefully next year). I stewed this down in its own. We big people enjoyed it with my mums yummy raspberry coconut cheesecake and the girls had some alongside raspberries 😍 I love the way they

Responsive feeding

Deliciously juicy nectarines brought sunshine to our morning porridge.  The dexterity of 9 month olds is amazing. They love feeding themselves. They are also happy to eat from cutlery and this baby friendly approach to introducing solids means we’re able to eat such a great variety of family meals together. 

Sunset yellow cauli pasta

Sunset yellow cauliflower and mini shell pasta with leftover pea and broad bean humous (see previous post for recipe) mixed with a little sundried tomato pesto for lunch today. The girls had the same but not mixed together so that easier as finger food. I stuffed about a third of

Fun with fabric sensory play

Exploring fabrics as today’s sensory play @craftbox_helston whilst mummy made our initials out of fabric. Well started making them! You don’t need to have expensive sensory toys, here we chose a bright red sequinned fabric, a silky one with butterfly print and a couple of cotton pieces with colourful flowers

Picnic lunch

Picnic lunch today after Bongo Babies at the @dracenacentre. Finger friendly strips of Edam (pre sliced was cheaper would you believe?! And by cutting down the stack of cheese it quickly made lots of strips), Quartered cherry tomatoes,  Pin wheel wraps some filling with humous and some with cream cheese

Tip of the day: to improve portion control use a smaller plate!

For lunch we have leftover mackerel, ratatouille & new potatoes. #doubleyummy this time round as no cooking needed 😍 My lunch is on a side plate so visually my brain is tricked into thinking I’m getting a lot more than I am. #portioncontrol #leftovers #dietitian #registereddietitian #familyfood #weaning #babyfood #toddlerfood

Healthy cherry Icecream 😍☀️🍨

Cherry icecream with no added sugar or fat and suitable for almost all ‘free from’ diets and all of the family. The banana makes it have a creamy texture and the frozen fruit mean there’s no need for fancy Icecream makers.  Ingredients:  1/2 banana (about 50g)  A large handful frozen

Omega 3s & the BBQ

The beautiful colours of last nights impromptu BBQ. Some great long chain omega 3 fats from the mackerel on this yummy meal. This type of fat has been shown to be anti inflammatory and really good for our health, particularly heart health and it’s something that most of us don’t

Blackcurrants, blueberries & red grapes

Today’s fruit mix stewed together and added to our morning porridge.  Someone asked me how do I come up with the fruit combinations? Careful and imaginative planning you might think… Well very occasionally but usually just what’s in the fruit bowl, fridge and freezer! We prioritise the fruit that will

Cornish pasty

I was ordering my dads birthday present (a batch of onion free pasties) when it came to me… No added salt pasties. Thanks to @gearfarm for making baby friendly pasties for us! The girls loved it 😍 There is still salt in the pastry but they only had a small

Squash and black eye bean hash, served with avocado

I thought it’d be useful to share a recipe that is good for lots of you / your little people who are having to follow a free from milk / soya / egg / nut / gluten / wheat / fish free diet (sorry if your allergen us pulses!). It

Celebratory lobster macaroni cheese!

Thanks to Rebecca for asking about when shellfish can be introduced. See below for more info 😀 To celebrate Pop’s birthday we made this special dish on Saturday. It made a small lobster go a long way and it was a big hit with all ages! We got our lobster

Gooseberry & strawberry porridge

Gooseberry & strawberries stewed and served on our morning porridge.  So easy to do. Just top and tail the gooseberries (no need to chop). Add chunked up strawberries & allow to gently stew in a nonstick pan (or pop in the microwave for a quicker result!).  This is B’s favourite porridge

Grass: Sensory play in the garden

Simply enjoying sitting on the grass (no rug) and picking the grass!🌱 We’re making the grass swish like waves, wiggling our feet through the grass blades and return ding to be snakes.  Enjoying the beautiful ☀️ Getting some Vitamin D & working up an appetite for tea. #sensoryplay #naturalenvironment #babylife

Two ways tuna & potato 

Serving the same thing two ways adds variety with minimal faff! Great for us as my girls love variety and I dislike too much faff 😋 This is a bit of a use up left overs meal. Here we have broccoli (steamed), new potatoes (1/2 with a little sund ried

Ham with parsley sauce

Served with new potatoes, green beans & the tops of the purple sprouting broccoli. Both girls had a little more ham than pictured 😍 This was followed by chunks of watermelon 🍉; now a family favourite! We cooked a ham in the pressure cooker & served warm.  This is a

Julienned carrot & cucumber with lunch

Cucumber sticks are still a difficult texture for my girls (9 months old) to cope with and so I wanted to try something different. We don’t have a spiraliser but we do have a julienne peeler (!) so I decided to experiment with that. It worked really well 😍 I

My newsletter is now working!

Thanks for all of the love and support for DoubleYummy people. I’ve started a newsletter that will be delivered to your mailbox on a Friday afternoon. It will contain articles published in the last week, but there’s loads more info and ideas on my blog page too. Please tell your

A rainbow 1st birthday party

Happy first birthday to my gorgeous neice. What a clever mummy you have!  Rainbow pizza: What a great idea a rainbow themed party is with rainbow platters of fruit and veg too & even a rainbow jelly, that’s 7 layers of jelly set individually by her clever daddy! Instead of

Blueberry oaty bites (baby friendly flapjack)

This time I used a rounded tablespoon of yoghurt & a handful of blueberries. About 10 into quarters & microwaved the rest for 1 1/2 minutes to stew them. The latter means that the juice is released and it colours the mixture nicely 😀 I tried reducing the cook time

Simple tuna pasta 

A quick one tonight (less than 10 minutes from turning the kettle on to going into their mouths) as we’ve had a very busy day! Ingredients:  Mini shell pasta Tinned tuna Frozen peas and sweetcorn  Subdried tomato pesto Method: Boil the kettle & whilst it’s boiling open a tin of

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