Advent Challenger 😍🎄

My advent challenger for my girls pre-school class. 🎄A different Christmassy themed mini challenge for each school day in advent. Very quickly designed and I’m sure you can come up with better challenges but in the time I had between drop off and pick up this morning I’m pleased! Imagine

Cuddly Christmas carrots

Love is in the air this Christmas 😍🎄 here our ‘cuddle carrots’ that will be left out for Father Christmas & his crew #love #christmaseve #carrots #cuddle #happychrismas #dietitian

Christmas veg prep

I love all of the prep that goes into Christmas and especially the way that it’s something that we always did as a family as I was growing up. This year I love the fact that our girls are enjoying getting involved too. Now I know how they are with

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