Eating for your gut bacteria is all about variety

Lunch yesterday – blue cheese, pomegranate, olive & balsamic tomato salad turns out to be a great combo! Since reading the research into feeding your gut bacteria I’ve been making an extra effort to include more variety of plant based components into my week. The salad we’re growing in the

‘Fed is best’ Let’s be less judgemental…

There is a lot of pressure put onto women around ‘milk giving’. It is likely that everyone of these women will feel judged & often guilt around feeding their baby. As a society we should challenge this. #worldbreastfeedingweek I thought it’d be nice to share this photo (#notmyphoto). Many women

Easter with less of a chocolate focus

Our #eastertree before it gets packed away. Both girls loved hanging the decorations. What things did you do this Easter that weren’t associated with chocolate? Right it’s time to tidy! #mumlife

Duck racing fun

The excitement of a #duckrace when you’re 3 (& older!) & as I type a call to say my nephew won the big race (15000 ducks!) Thank you @poldhu for a fab day & well done for raising so much money for @childrenshospicesw 😍🏖🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 #familytime #eastersunday2019 #winner

Cockle picking

#GoodFriday cockle picking. A family tradition that is now loved by the next generation too. They’re really good at finding them & love eating them too 😍 We purged them last night in salted water with a little oats then cooked them in the BBQ this evening. #cockles #helford #cornwall

Christmas veg prep

I love all of the prep that goes into Christmas and especially the way that it’s something that we always did as a family as I was growing up. This year I love the fact that our girls are enjoying getting involved too. Now I know how they are with

Enjoying the wild garlic

Wild garlic – so much if it everywhere at the moment and it’s so tasty! Stick it in stirfries, salads, tortillas, pasta bakes, bread – pretty much anywhere you’d normally use garlic or spinach. #wildgarlic #foraging #toddlerlife #dietitianlife #toddlerfood #paediatricdietitian #eatforfree

Giving breakfast a Vitamin C boost with Cramelised Pink Grapefruits

Simply cut three grapefruits in half and sprinkle a light dusting of sugar over the surface and grill until caramelised. Although pink grapefruits are nice without the caramelised top and this means giving ‘added sugar’, at about 1/4 tsp each and with the relatively low sugar content of grapefruit I

Roasted squash falafel meze

Roasted squash falafels in the making. So simple and really tasty. Ingredients: 1 tin of chickpeas (400g) 1-2 large handful of roasted squash 1 egg 1/2 onion, finely diced 1 clove of garlic, finely chopped(I used smoked garlic) 1 handful of fresh mint and / or coriander 1 tbsp tahini

No added sugar or sweetener ice creams at the ready

Child (and adult!) friendly nice creams. No added sugar and no sweetners and an ‘ice cream’..? Really? Just mash up a banana add some yoghurt (we used Greek full fat) and add some mixed spice. Mix together and freeze in lolly moulds. The ratio of fruit to yoghurt doesn’t matter,

Twixmas leftovers

What have you been doing to use up your leftovers? Today we’ve had quesadillas, gherkins, low salt and sugar beans and toasted pittas jam packed full of roasted veggies and lemon-mushroom stuffing with a sprinkle of cheese and a scrape of pesto. #leftovers #twixmas #balancedmeal #familyfood #toddlerfood #doubleyummy #stuffing #dietitian

Merry Christmas everyone

Thanks for all of your support and kind wishes this year. Hope you’re having a wonderful family day. Here are my wee angels looking for fish in the neighbour’s pond. You can’t beat some fresh air to burn off some energy! #chrsitmas #familytime #doubleyummy #twins #toddlers #bestfriends #myangels

Eggcellent, a triple yolker!

Triple yolker! This is a flash back to 4 years ago when we had this giant egg. We wanted to see if it was a double yolker so shone a light on it to get this pic. When we cracked it open it turned out to have 3 yolks! What

Time to learn from the trees and let go

  Catching leaves. Leaves are and endless supply of fun in our world. Whether it’s collecting different colours, dancing kicking them up, doing rubbings, making collages, crunching in them or looking for mini beasts, but my favourite has to be catching them. I was inspired by @Scottishdietitianlass who posted about

Take a moment to catch leaves 

Catching leaves. Leaves are and endless supply of fun in our world. Whether it’s collecting different colours, dancing kicking them up, doing rubbings, making collages, crunching in them or looking for mini beasts, but my favourite has to be catching them.  I was inspired by @Scottishdietitianlass who posted about it

Rainbow chard

Beautiful rainbow chard from the garden ready for tomorrow’s stir fry. I’ve popped it in a jug of water (looking pretty) so that I stays fresh overnight. I find that it hues limp quite quickly in the fridge but standing in a jug of water keeps it perky. My favourite

Pretty muddy induction!

Pretty Muddy 5k in the rain this morning. Really proud of our team for raising over £1500 and counting for cancer research. Looking forward to working with such a fun bunch (new job starts this week so this was my induction!) 💦💦 #prettymuddy #dirtydietitians #cancerresearch #balancedlife #doubleyummy #cornwall #stithians #dietitian

Pimms o’clock!

One for the mums and dads 😍 good use of the lolly mounds! #pimms #pimmsoclock #notforchildren #doubleyummy #everythinginmoderation #bankholiday #summer #lovecornwall #cornishlife #cornwall #icelollies

Early (?) hedgerow snacks

Are blackberries out earlier than usual this year? This is a pic from last weekend i.e. July… #blackberries #hedgerow #snack #early #seasonal #doubleyummy #dietitian #localfood #eatinseason #cornwall #lovecornwall #cornishlife 

Slowing down the pace of snack time… 

​​ Sometimes we don’t realise we’ve eaten when it’s gone quickly. This can lead to over eating.  As your children get older let them do more of the prep. This can be as simple as getting them to perl their own satsuma or eating peas from the pod.  It also

What a great colour these fleeces are! 

Meeting the sheep at Stithians Show today.  The girls loved watching the carding and spinning of the fleece too.  We’ve had such a great day as the girls and I braved our first agricultural show without a buggy (one carrier) and just a handbag! It was great to see so

Sunshine in the veggie patch

Beautiful yellow courgette flowers. I can’t decide whether to eat them or wait for the yummy courgettes behind them! Courgettes are so versatile. Great sliced, diced, ‘spaghettied’ cut into fingers or thin slithers. Eaten raw or cooked. Stir fried, steamed or in a bolognaise, chilli, tagine or ratatouille. How do

Do you struggle to get your toddler to drink enough?

Have you tried drink with your toddler’s cup /beaker? The guidance to introduce a cup at 6 months and to move away from the bottle at 12 months is pretty well known (it’s important to help with oromotor development). However this often means that parents struggle to get their children

Bamboo foraging 

Bedore bed last night we went foraging for bamboos to steak the tomatoes. Yes this job is well over due and I imagine Monty Don has it on his list of jobs for the weekend quite some time ago! Getting children involved is a great way to teach them about

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