Have a healthful Christmas #2

Have and Merry and Healthful Christmas. Today’s top tip: have an americano with milk and a dash of cinnamon or mixed spice for that Christmassy cuppa rather than a calorie laden coffee or hot chocolate made with milk and syrup which could be over 600kcal! That’s a long run to

Prunes 😋

Today’s yoghurt topper: Prunes 😍 We love them, just don’t eat too many in one sitting! I chop them up for the girls to make them go further. Adding your own fruit allows you to control the amount of added sugar. We often eat Greek yoghurt on its own but

Double Gloucester-ing the start of (free) Sugar free February

Kicking of @cr_uk #sugarfreefebruary (no free sugars so the grapes are fine!). This is Double Gloucester cheese. I was reminded recently of the importance of maintaining all of that hard work that you put in during the first year of your little ones eating. I found I was getting into

Baby-chinos at the beach

I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful day than on the beach with friends. Thanks to @poldhu for doing ‘baby-chinos’ for the girlsI they love the frothy milk. Unlike the ones that you get at some of the big brand coffee shops these are just milk

Advent Challenger 😍🎄

My advent challenger for my girls pre-school class. 🎄A different Christmassy themed mini challenge for each school day in advent. Very quickly designed and I’m sure you can come up with better challenges but in the time I had between drop off and pick up this morning I’m pleased! Imagine

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