Yes I (am going to) have twins…

Sometimes I walk for me.  What I mean by that is as a mum of twins I encourage my girls to nap together. This means that we can function on a day to day basis. One might be more tired than the other and putting them in their beds (previously

Simple snack idea: corn on the cob

Sweet corn or corn on the cob counts as one if your 5-a-day for your fruits & veggies and it is a great source of fibre. Fibre is important for your health for lots of reasons including feeding the good gut bacteria which helps to keep a healthy digestive system. 

Pre An Gof celebrations dinner

Mediterranean tagliatelle.   A really yummy dish cooked up by my hubby on his day with the girls this week. I whipped in quickly and then headed out to the An Gof celebrations in St Keverne. I can’t believe it was 20 years ago that we walked to Bkackheath in

Reaching for chicken food

Now I can reach the chicken food it’s more interesting than collecting egg 😂 The sun may be hiding for a few days but put your coats on and go out if you can! I always pay with a bad nights sleep if we don’t get out at some point!

Keeping up the fibre with Peach Melba for breakfast

Today’s raspberry porridge is topped with 1/2 sliced peach.  Seasonal fruit is always so tasty. We always try to get a portion (2 if it’s carrot cake porridge) of fruit & veg in at breakfast.  Fruit and veggies are not only great sources of a wide range of vitamins and

When can I give peppermint tea?

Admittedly not the most frequently asked question in my clinics! But something other than water / water is boring is.   We are always saying that variety is the spice, but then when it comes to drinks the advice tends to be water or milk (in moderation) with the occasional

Herb roll making on an open fire

Getting children to get involved in making their own food is a great way to get them to try new things and to learn to enjoy for food more than just the eating.  Both girls loved making and eating their herby rolls as Enys Gardens Food Jam today and this

Upside down crumble quiche

Not really sure what to call it, but this epic fail at defrosting some leftover pastry that is frozen turned into something so yummy I thought I’d share!  At one of my children’s weight management groups this week we were discussing (with the parents and extended family whilst the children

Bamboo foraging 

Bedore bed last night we went foraging for bamboos to steak the tomatoes. Yes this job is well over due and I imagine Monty Don has it on his list of jobs for the weekend quite some time ago! Getting children involved is a great way to teach them about

Sunshine in the veggie patch

Beautiful yellow courgette flowers. I can’t decide whether to eat them or wait for the yummy courgettes behind them! Courgettes are so versatile. Great sliced, diced, ‘spaghettied’ cut into fingers or thin slithers. Eaten raw or cooked. Stir fried, steamed or in a bolognaise, chilli, tagine or ratatouille. How do

What a great colour these fleeces are! 

Meeting the sheep at Stithians Show today.  The girls loved watching the carding and spinning of the fleece too.  We’ve had such a great day as the girls and I braved our first agricultural show without a buggy (one carrier) and just a handbag! It was great to see so

Slowing down the pace of snack time… 

​​ Sometimes we don’t realise we’ve eaten when it’s gone quickly. This can lead to over eating.  As your children get older let them do more of the prep. This can be as simple as getting them to perl their own satsuma or eating peas from the pod.  It also

Early (?) hedgerow snacks

Are blackberries out earlier than usual this year? This is a pic from last weekend i.e. July… #blackberries #hedgerow #snack #early #seasonal #doubleyummy #dietitian #localfood #eatinseason #cornwall #lovecornwall #cornishlife 

Pimms o’clock!

One for the mums and dads 😍 good use of the lolly mounds! #pimms #pimmsoclock #notforchildren #doubleyummy #everythinginmoderation #bankholiday #summer #lovecornwall #cornishlife #cornwall #icelollies

Pretty muddy induction!

Pretty Muddy 5k in the rain this morning. Really proud of our team for raising over £1500 and counting for cancer research. Looking forward to working with such a fun bunch (new job starts this week so this was my induction!) 💦💦 #prettymuddy #dirtydietitians #cancerresearch #balancedlife #doubleyummy #cornwall #stithians #dietitian

I won..! Thank you x

“I am honoured and thrilled to have won this award (Paediatric Nutrition Professional of the Year 2017). I am lucky enough to work with a fab passionate and innovative team in Cornwall and feel privileged to volunteer with and learn from such a great Dietitians in the BDA’s Obesity Specialist

eHealth: what little things can we change to improve services?

Meet Pepper. Here I am with a couple of brilliant Dietitians that I’m fortunate enough to work with. This was at the EPIC eHealth event last week. The idea is that is togetger we can find ways to make lots of little efficiencies in health care here in Cornwall it’ll

Balancing food on the go

A quick lunch on the go before this afternoons CN awards ceremony.  Lots of tastes that I really love here brought together.  Salmon (a great source of the healthy omega 3 fats), edamame beans (pulses are a great source of lean protein and fibre) and pickled veggies.  Not something I’d

Gratefully receiving my award for Paediatric Nutrition Professional of the Year 2017 at Chandos House. A really lovely day meeting some amazing people. Thank you @cnmagazines  #cnmagazines #recognition #awards #paediatricdietitian #babyfood #familyfood #weaning #balancedlife #doubleyummy #registereddietitian #nutritionexpert #nutritionist #workinghard #workingmum #enjoyingthegoodtimes

Party time: Damage limitation!

Double birthday celebrations today for us so I was glad to be presented with this delicious platter.  Sometimes parties can be a bit overwhelming with higher fat and sugar foods so a good rule is to load the plate with a balance of the healthy foods and a couple of

Have a healthful Christmas #2

Have and Merry and Healthful Christmas. Today’s top tip: have an americano with milk and a dash of cinnamon or mixed spice for that Christmassy cuppa rather than a calorie laden coffee or hot chocolate made with milk and syrup which could be over 600kcal! That’s a long run to

Merry Christmas everyone

Thanks for all of your support and kind wishes this year. Hope you’re having a wonderful family day. Here are my wee angels looking for fish in the neighbour’s pond. You can’t beat some fresh air to burn off some energy! #chrsitmas #familytime #doubleyummy #twins #toddlers #bestfriends #myangels

Endorsed by a celebrity… and more

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’ve had a great day with family and friends. It’s the time of year when everyone feels they must make a change. If you don’t mind I’ve a few suggestions: 1. Just because it’s endorsed by a celebrity it doesn’t mean it works (or

Celebrating the small wins can make all the difference

Celebrating the small wins – I made it into this jar of pickled gerkins. I was on the verge of giving in to the mega tight seal but then my desire for a pickle drive me on!! On a more serious note though it’s so important to recognise the small

Potato love

Love is in the air! Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. This potato reminded me of the unwarranted bad press that the poor old potato gets. We love potatoes in our house. Some of our favourite ways to eat them are boiled, mashed, chopped into stews and moussaka,

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