Claire’s Baby Tuna Niçoise.

Ingredients: Half a boiled egg, Cucumber sticks with the edges trimmed off (the centre is much easier for little people to eat),  Streamed green beans cut into lengths for little hands to hold,  Canned tuna (buy in spring water or oil to reduce the salt content, if you’re also watching

Beef stew 

Serves 4 adults and two babies with left over beef for sandwiches etc and a couple of baby portions of stew for the freezer unless you’re hungry adults! Ingredients: Beef joint eg silverside Carrots x4 (chopped into big chunks, I used organic so kept the skins on as I love

A healthier twist on lasagne for the whole family.

A healthier twist on lasagne for the whole family.  Served with broccoli & greens. I’ve used kidney beans in place of half the minced beef as this keeps the protein up, increases the fibre and makes it cheaper! My bolognaise is also full of tomatoes, onions and peppers to increase

Aunty Jen’s multi mash croquettes

Picture is the portion for my 11 month old neice.  Ingredients:  Leftover potato and sweet potato mash (you could use any combination of root vegetables) An egg, beaten A handful of chopped onions (we used frozen ones; you could use spring onions for variation or if you’ve got those to

Enjoying the first broad beans of the season

The first of the broad bean harvest was enjoyed by the girls tonight. Broad beans are not just delicious & a good source of veggie fibre but also a source of veggie protein. Served tonight with roasted sweet potato & squash, steamed mushrooms (also counts as a veg fibre &

Let the harvest begin

Love these cosy little broad bean pods. How I’d like to just snuggle away in there today. Looking for broad bean recipes after our first harvest this morning. Please send me your favourites 💖  Beautiful corgette flowers. I’d love to pick and eat but I’m looking forward to the courgettes

Beef version of my ‘moussaka’

Lara thank you for sharing your pic and your positive feedback. This is the moussaka that I shared last week but made with beef rather than lamb & for her wee one is was served with rice. Went down really well 😍 #weaning #babyfood #healthyeating #familymeal #doubleyummy #dietitian

A day’s intake

A day in the life! Note though some of these pics are for both babies (& sometimes a little for me!) inc banana, lunch & oaty bites. Plus more water at each meal & a couple more breastfeeds, multivits & 100ml formula! #lifeofababy #dietitian #mummylife #weaning #babyfood #doubleyummy #breastfeeding #twins

Balancing Breakfast

Another busy morning & trying to give the girls something I know they’ll eat with something new and of course balancing the nutrients. So today we’ve got half a wheat biscuit soaked in full cream milk & topped with 1&1/2 strawberries. Served with toast soldiers (1/2 slice of bread) topped

Packaged for the road: Avocado

Naturally packaged for the road. We love you avocado. Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, it’s also a good source of fibre, vitamin K & B vitamins You can see Wynnie reaching for more! Whilst it is a high calorie fruit, which is good for a baby’s diet, mummies (& anyone

Strawberry porridge: Pick your own yumminess 

Strawberry porridge 3 ways – enjoying yesterday’s pick your own adventure 🍓💖  Strawberries are not only delicious at this time of year but they’re packaged full of the antioxidant vitamin C & dietary fibre.  Fibre is really important for bowel and gut health. Here the combination of oats (starchy carbohydrate,

Berry porridge

Mixed berry porridge today. Make your porridge how you like / have time to do & microwave a large handful of froze mixed berries until warmed through. Add berries to porridge & enjoy 😀☀️💖 Frozen berries are a great way of having delicious fruit that doesn’t go off. You can

Simple pleasures: tomato flowers

My tomatoes are growing away. I love the hope that the bright yellow flowers give 🌼🍅 there’s nothing like the taste of homegrown tomatoes 💖 #homegrown #tomatoes #healthyliving #healthyeating #dietitian #simplepleasures

A baby friendly & healthy twist on moussaka

This pic is mid way through the making of tonight’s fruity moussaka. It’s less faff (fewer steps and fewer pots and pans to wash up!) than the traditional dish & with some extra flavours so that you don’t miss the salt so great for a family meal with young children

Apple and peach oaty bites 

Baby friendly oat nibbles: Today’s flavours is Apple and peach.  These little oaty nibbles (baby flapjacks!) Are such a hit with my girls.  Ingredients: 1 banana, mashed  1/2 cup of ground oats (eg Ready Brek, supermarkets own or grind your own oats) 1/2 cup porridge oats  1 heaped tablespoon of

Table booster seat gap hack

The inch gap between the breakfast bar & the seat has been a bug bearer of mine since we introduced solids, and a source of a lot of lost food!  But now I’ve fixed it 😀 Our wipe clean place mats are just the right size to slide under the fixing

Mummy snack #1

Cottage cheese and grapes on granary toast.  Cottage cheese is a great high protein and low fat food. I have the full fat version though as I find it so much tastier & satisfying so I’m not searching for something else ‘because I had the low fat cheese’! The protein

Simple snacks #1

Snacks don’t need to be difficult. Low salt rice cakes are a great self feeding snack. I break into wedges and the girls are now able to do the rest (8 months old).  I love watching babies eat 😍

You don’t have to be on holiday to have watermelon for breakfast!

Watermelon for self feeding alongside our porridge (Ready Brek and porridge oats with Greek yoghurt) went down a treat for breakfast this morning.  Ove chopped it into small wedges that are the perfect size for babies to pick up and chomp at.  This watermelon is perfect as no big seeds

A new must for watermelon lovers

Yummy mummy watermelon & feta salad with strawberries, olives and a balsamic dressing.  Ingredients: Red cos lettuce (or crunchy lettuce of your choice) – a handful, chopped Round lettuce – a handful, chopped Rocket – a handful Cherry tomatoes – 3 cut into quarters Strawberry – 1 large, cut into

Easy beansy tea

Ingredients: Baked beans (low sugar & low salt) 1/2 slice of toast cut into soldiers 1/4 avocado cut into chunks Followed by: Strawberries cut into 6-8 depending on their size. Chunks that little fingers can pick up.  Full fat Greek yoghurt (heaped tablespoon) Method: Place on a plate in an

A berry good start to the day

Nothing says good morning like my favourite berries. I love you raspberries! Today I’ve used frozen berries as I’m using up what’s in the freezer before I pick this year. Yes that’s my second food love this morning – frozen berries! 🍒🍓🍇 (no raspberry emoji!) Ingredients: Mummy porridge: 75g porridge

Quick snack out walking

Quick snack on the Trelissick Woodland Walk. Orange segments, banana chunks & rice cake. Although I often just take the banana in its skin we had half a banana left from another snack.  Top tip: The vitamin C in the orange stops the banana going black 🍌🍊 My girls struggle

Mummy & girls picnic; making the most of the sunshine ☀️

Ingredients: Mini shell pasta (15-20 shells) cooked & with a little olive oil on to stop them all sticking together.  1/2 avocado (1/2 chopped into chunks & 1/2 mashed to make a dip, also need a dash of line juice & a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt) Homemade fruit corner: 50-60g

Sweet potato & aduki bean hash with mackerel & fresh peas

Ingredients: Potato, diced Sweet potato, diced Aduki beans (I used tinned) Onion, diced (I often use frozen) Garlic, finely diced (frozen here too) Coriander, chopped (frozen too! Although I do have some nearly ready in the greenhouse for next time 🌱) Fillet of mackerel  Oil for frying Peas (I’ve used

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