Portion control & pitta bread pizza

This is my lunch & the girls had a roughly half sized portion (ate 1/3 pitta each) with some additional cucumber sticks and I ate a carrot whilst prepping! Sometimes I hear people say you can’t have too much of a good thing. If only this were true… Grapes are

Balancing food on the go

A quick lunch on the go before this afternoons CN awards ceremony.  Lots of tastes that I really love here brought together.  Salmon (a great source of the healthy omega 3 fats), edamame beans (pulses are a great source of lean protein and fibre) and pickled veggies.  Not something I’d

Aren’t raspberries great?!

Providing 1/3 of your daily Vitamin C requirements, 1/4 of your daily fibre requirements and only 43kcal per portion (80g) aren’t raspberries great?! (Figures for adults)Because of their high water content berries are a particularly low energy density food.  The range of raspberry varieties means that they are one of

Party time: Damage limitation!

Double birthday celebrations today for us so I was glad to be presented with this delicious platter.  Sometimes parties can be a bit overwhelming with higher fat and sugar foods so a good rule is to load the plate with a balance of the healthy foods and a couple of

Have a healthful Christmas #2

Have and Merry and Healthful Christmas. Today’s top tip: have an americano with milk and a dash of cinnamon or mixed spice for that Christmassy cuppa rather than a calorie laden coffee or hot chocolate made with milk and syrup which could be over 600kcal! That’s a long run to

Prunes 😋

Today’s yoghurt topper: Prunes 😍 We love them, just don’t eat too many in one sitting! I chop them up for the girls to make them go further. Adding your own fruit allows you to control the amount of added sugar. We often eat Greek yoghurt on its own but

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