Snow love

Best friends forever. It may have been a thin layer but last week’s snow was enough for the girls to have fallen in love with the white stuff 😍 The neighbours randomly had two sledges in their garage which got some good use, but now they keep asking when they

Snow day bird food

I hope you’re all enjoying the snow. Our seeds and nuts in dripping (I save all of the fat from our roast) priced popular with this little guy in today’s snow ❄️ #feedthebirds #robin #snow #snowday #wastenotwantnot

Snow day snack

The snow has returned and were now warming up with peanut butter banana snowmen and a a baby chino (frothy milk) after a morning of snow play and sledging. The girls love a baby chino but I always ask for frothy milk as a baby chino in a cafe can

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