Sunshine (Mango) Oaty Bites just out of the oven

Ingredients: 1 banana  About 50ml mango pulp (because that’s how much we had left!) Roughly two large handfuls of oats (plus a little more if the texture is too sticky after combining).  Method: Mash all of the ingredients together.  Shape and place on non stick baking sheet.  Bake in the

Surf and turf 😂

The girls (almost 2yrs) are so into playing with their kitchen and food.  This is what I was served evening! Meanwhile her sister got me a peppermint tea 💖 They often cook at their kitchen whilst I get the food ready. They also help me with little bits (which they

Merry Christmas everyone

Thanks for all of your support and kind wishes this year. Hope you’re having a wonderful family day. Here are my wee angels looking for fish in the neighbour’s pond. You can’t beat some fresh air to burn off some energy! #chrsitmas #familytime #doubleyummy #twins #toddlers #bestfriends #myangels

Treasure hunt!

Digging for the gold (mango) in our porridge this morning. Simply stick in some frozen mango when cooking your porridge and let the treasure hunt begin 😍 #noaddedsugar #sugarfreefebruary @cr_uk #mango #porridge #treasurehunt #twins #toddlerlife #babyfood #toddlerfood #familyfood #paediatricdietitian #dietitian #doubleyummy

Snow love

Best friends forever. It may have been a thin layer but last week’s snow was enough for the girls to have fallen in love with the white stuff 😍 The neighbours randomly had two sledges in their garage which got some good use, but now they keep asking when they

Are they identical?

This is something people ask me about my blonde and blue eyed daughter as she stranded next to her brunette brown eyed sister. Looks aside though their personalities are also very different. A good illustration of this is their food preferences. Although they’ll usually eat most things their preferences are

Boat spotting & plant sales

After school stroll to the beach with our friends yesterday. Loved the idea of a plant sale at the school gate. We now have two sunflower plants that I’m hoping will stabd more chance against our mega slugs 😆 #lovecornwall #cornishlife #lizard #beachlife #cliffwalk #hopeful #doubleyummy #loveactivity

Beautiful day for a swim with these two gorgeous girls 💖💖 #Cornwall #FamilyLife #swimming

Beach life

Just love the colours in this pic. No filters #beachdays #lovecornwall #balancedlife

Festival fun

So much family fun at #greatestatefestival this weekend ✌️💃🏻🕺🏻🌺 #familytime #festival #cornwall

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