Where to start

I’m new to blogging but everyone says to give it a go… As a mum of twin girls (Bella & Wynnie) & a children’s dietitian I’m loving trying new things out at mealtimes, but have found that I need as many hacks as I can as everyday is busy. These

Cherry porridge: catering for different tastes

My girls like to eat with me but Bella went off plain Ready Brek as she prefers her meals to have more than one taste or texture, so I’ve come up with the variations below.  I love making different coloured porridges using frozen fruit 🌈Frozen fruit means that it’s picked

Lunch for the beach

Ingredients: Cherry tomatoes cut into 8 (need to be at least quartered to reduce choking risk) 1/3 avocado chopped into bite sized pieces Sliced pork Apple & Pear (stewed without added sugar). This is from a frozen batch that I did in the Autumn but there’s no reason not to

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