Keeping motivated – you and your children

Incorporating activity, helping you and your children to monitor progress and staying motivated are the topics for today.  Are there any little tricks that you do to incorporate activity into your day?  My new ones are squatting whilst doing my teeth (we’ll see how long I’m motivated to keep that

Exposure is key when it comes to veg. 

With this lunch I’ve indicated the food group and whether it’s a love it, like it or learning it food): Cream cheese (milk protein) – like  on chunks of bread (complex carbohydrates) – like Broccoli (veg) and blue cheese (milk protein) quiche (egg) – learning  Apple slices (fruit) – love 

My little beach explorers

Waterproofs on and we’re off. What a great place the beach is for little ones to explore.  Full of sensory experiences from the sand and water to so many different textured seaweeds and shells to find.  It’s also such a great place to get active without realising you’re even doing

How can your little ones help?

​​ Little Miss Independent loves to help. Here she is enjoying shutting the gate in today’s beautiful sunshine 😍☀️💖  Finding little ‘jobs’ for toddlers can help grow their self confidence and they love the encouragement and praise.  My two love helping to carry things like the washing basket, helping to

Bunny ears on and off they go

An egg-cellent Easter Monday hunt around the farm for all the cousins.  They all loved finding the colourful plastic eggs and putting them into their new (Easter present instead of chocolate) bags. It reminded me that fun with family and friends it what we’re all after rather than stacks of

Sweet potato, bean & chorizo hash topped with an egg

This can be made into a vegetarian dish by swapping the chorizo for a teaspoon or two of paprika.  Ingredients for two adults and two tots: 1 medium onion, diced  1 clove garlic, fined chopped Boiled sweet potatoes (1&1/3 fist sized) Boiled potato (1&1/3 fist sized) An inch of chorizo 

Introducing ‘big’ tomatoes 

Cherry tomatoes are a firm ‘love it’ food again now. However big or normal tomatoes are a ‘learning it’ food.  I’ve only recently started giving them to the the girls. We’ve been having cherry tomatoes since about 7 months and I hadn’t really considered normal tomatoes as being any different

Which bowl has the most cereal in it?

The bowl / crockery that you use can have a big impact on how much you (and your children) eat.  We do a lot of our ‘eating’ with our eyes. I think they say it’s about 50% down to eat we see eg ford it look appealing?, does it look

Food heaven in Porthleven!

Yesterday at the Porthleven Food Festival. So many passionate food entrepreneurs selling delicious food, talented chefs doing demos (& tasters!) and great live music.  Apparently we were part of 25,000 people that went yesterday! The girls (&I) enjoyed the #idlerocks chef’s watercress and oyster veloute and salmon, as well as

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