Upside down crumble quiche


Not really sure what to call it, but this epic fail at defrosting some leftover pastry that is frozen turned into something so yummy I thought I’d share! 

At one of my children’s weight management groups this week we were discussing (with the parents and extended family whilst the children played) ‘damage limitation’.

 If you love pasties and pies and would prefer not to reduce the frequency then how about making them healthier? By reducing the amount of pastry you have you can quickly improve the nutritional profile of the meal. If you’re choosing a cream or salt laden pie to ‘healthy up’ then with a few quick changes like swapping the cream based sauces to low fat white sauce (maybe with 1/2 tsp mustard powder – yep it works well!) and adding pepper, herbs and spices instead of salt can make a big difference too. 
This ‘quiche’ is an example of going with the flow in the kitchen. Sometimes things go to plan but sometimes you just have to try and embrace it when it’s going wrong! 

The pastry went to savoury crumble when defrosting in the microwave and so I put all of the quiche ingredients into a deep pie dish and topped it with the crumble. 

I will make this again so it’s a happy accident & if you know what it should be called please let me know. 

Quiche, omelette & spanish tortilla are all great ways of packing loads of veggies into a dish which can be enjoyed hot or cold. They’re really handy for picnics and lunch boxes too. Just roll the pastry thin (if it’s quiche) load in the veggies and avoid cream and they can be pretty healthy. 

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