How to check the sugar content of your breakfast cereal & No added sugar breakfast at the reward: Carrot cake porridge. 


A quick reminder about how delicious (no added sugar) carrot carrot porridge is. (Sorry quite a dark photo as its dark 😂)
Is sugar awareness week and it surprises many to low how much added sugar is in their morning bowel. Check the nutritional panel on the packet. These can be quite confusing so keep it simple. Have a look at the sugar per 100g cereal. It’s low sugar if the figure is below 5g. That’s 5g per 100g not per portion mind. I’ve had pateliebrs who’ve told me their eating low sugar biscuits as there’s less than 5g sugar. It turned out it’s 5g per biscuit (50% sugar!). 
In brief here’s how to make this yummy porridge suitable for the whole family (allergies permitting): simply finely grate a carrot (1/2 carrot for an adult or 1/2 for a toddler and size up and down according to your child’s age). Add to your porridge oats with a good sprinkle of mixed spice and sultanas (10-15g for a little portion or 25-30g for an adult). Too with milk until all ingredients covered (don’t have the dry ingredients in the shape of a mountain though!). 
You can either leave overnight and eat cold or warm a little in the morning or pop it straight in the pan or microwave in the morning. However you like to roll. 
I like to top with a dollop if plain Greek yoghurt to act as the creamy topping. 
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