Healthy conversations (through crafting) about food during neophobia (‘fussy eating’)

Corn on the cob. We love painting and sticking so making these little characters at playgroup today was very popular!
Including healthy food and lifestyle messages into play and crafting is a great way to talk about food etc in a positive way. This can be particularly useful during the toddler years where a natural (normal instinctive) phase called neophobia can kick in. During this time you can expect children to narrow their taste preferences and to be more cautious with new foods. Continuous exposure to a healthy balanced and varied diet during this time can help them to widen their preferences again more quickly. Using the love it, like it, learning it principle can really help. 

To make these little beauties cut an oval shaped piece of paper. Use a small piece of a straw (1-1&1/2inches) and dip the end into brown paint (we say ‘dip dip’ when we do this!) and stamp it over the paper. Next you need some yellow paint and a round sponge paint brush (or similar) to make the round kernels. Add some green crepe paper leaves (two ‘leaf shape’ pieces) to the sides with a couple of daps of PVA glue. Finish it off with some eyes 👀 & wool for the hair (could use shredded paper). #cornonthecob #sweetcorn #crafting #kidscraft #playgroup #toddler #toddlerlife #twins #foodrefusal #fussyeater #registereddietitian #paediatricdietitian #nutritionexpert #nutrition #nutritionist #loveitlikeitlearningit #doubleyummy

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