When can I give peppermint tea?


Admittedly not the most frequently asked question in my clinics! But something other than water / water is boring is.  

We are always saying that variety is the spice, but then when it comes to drinks the advice tends to be water or milk (in moderation) with the occasional diluted fruit juice. 

I’m our house though we love herbal teas. This is peppermint tea with today’s breakfast. My toddler gets so excited about having their tea like mummy. 
Favourites are peppermint & lemon and ginger with the occasional camomile (I usually have this when they’re in bed so they get less exposure). 
Herbal teas are great warm or cold so why not make up a jug and pop it in the fridge to be used throughout the day. 
Other favourites of mine are making water interesting by adding fun ice cubes or a couple of slices of fruit, veg or herbs. Mint, basil, strawberries, cucumber and your usual citrus fruits (orange, lemon and lime) all work really well. 
Enjoy staying hydrated during this gorgeous sunshine ☀️😍