Are they identical?

This is something people ask me about my blonde and blue eyed daughter as she stranded next to her brunette brown eyed sister. Looks aside though their personalities are also very different.

A good illustration of this is their food preferences. Although they’ll usually eat most things their preferences are clearly shown in the order that they eat. This is mid way through the meal this evening (roast lamb with boiled potatoes, sticky red cabbage and steamed carrots and leek.

As you can see there are clear differences!W went on to give some of her carrots to B and then asked if she could have some if B’s red cabbage but this request was refused, but a piece of lamb was given! I don’t encourage food swapping but also don’t make anything into a big deal at the table.

W’s enjoyment of the lamb meant that B tried hrs and enjoyed it too and likewise W’s want to have B’s red cabbage made it seem much more attractive and so she ate most of it up!

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