Veggie packed cheats mousakka

Tonight’s veggie packed cheats mousakka.

Lamb can be expensive but it’s delicious so my advice is to bulk it out with veggies so that it’s cheaper per serving yet retains all of that yummy flavour. Here lentils boost the protein and fibre content at the same time. You’ve got to love pulses!

Method: Fry off some chopped onions in a little oil, add minced lamb to brown. Add chopped garlic and ginger.

Next add a heaped teaspoon of mixed spice, a generous shake of mixed herbs, a can of lentils, a carton of tomatoes and one if passata, a small can of tomato purée and a chopped aubergine.

Whilst this simmers for 30-45 mins boil some potatoes and parsnip. Once cooked mash with a dash of milk.

Layer the meat and veg mix with the mash and top with a layer of Greek yoghurt. Sprinkle a little grated cheese and pop into the oven at 200’C until golden on top (20-30 mins) or if you’re in a hurry just grill it.

Served with steamed kale.

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