A quick vibrant lunch


Lunch for me & the girls (now 9 months).

For me:

Egg (mashed with a little salad cream) In a whole meal wrap,

Plum cherry tomatoes, 

Fresh pineapple chunks, 

Carrot sticks (skins on as organic) 

& my new humous (minty pea & broad bean) recipe coming soon!

For the girls:

1/2 a boiled egg (white as finger food, yolk mixed with a little mayo as they find the yolk on its own a bit too dry), 

Wrap ripped into little strips, 

3 small plum cherry tomatoes cut into quarters as reduces the choking risk, 

Minty pea & broad bean humous,

Chopped fresh pineapple. 

A vibrant, nutritious & yummy lunch full of different textures and tastes. I’ll post the humous recipe later 😍
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