Rainy day baking: Herby pizza bases


Really simple to make and loads of fun.

Recipe for the bases:

375g bread flour

7g fast acting yeast (one sachet)

2tbsp & 250ml warm water

2-3tsp mixed herbs

2 tbsp oil

Pinch of salt and good grind of pepper


Mix yeast with 2 tbsp warm water and leave for about 10 minutes whilst you sieve the flour.

Mix all of the ingredients together and kneed until the dough is soft and stretchy (about 8 minutes or use the dough hook in the mixer). Leave to rise in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size. Some recipes say to oil the bowl but I don’t do this and it worth’s fine. If you push your finger into it gently it will spring back.

Preheat the oven to 240’C and preheat the baking tray / stone too.

Divide into chunks. I divided into thirds and cut one in half for the girls. Then roll out thinly on a semolina dusted surface. If you don’t have semolina you can use flour. The semolina gives a nice texture. Make sure you put some into the tray / stone before you put the pizza on and into the oven.

Top with whatever you fancy / have in the fridge and cupboards! Today we had tomato purée, olives (love it food), courgette (back to a learning it food at the moment so they helped cut it up with a child friendly knife which was a hit), mushrooms (love it), sweet corn (love it), black pudding (like it), chicken (love it), (just adults: capers, pickled garlic & chilli flakes) & mozzarella (love it food). I always try to include a mixture of love it, like it and learning it foods at most mealtimes. The learning it foods are for exposure and different things will encourage them to try them. Yesterday B are green pepper because we were giving it to the guinea pigs we’re looking after!

This made enough for us all to have lunch and the girls and I have half of ours left for lunch tomorrow so I’d say you could feed 2-3 adults and 4 young children (especially if you serve with salad) with this recipe. It’d work well if you’re doing a kids pizza party too.

Bake for 10-12 minutes.

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