‘Nice creams’ at the ready. You just need two ingredients and it’s milk free!


With all of this beautiful sunshine it’s nice to have a cold treat to help you cool down. 
This nice cream is a guilt free healthy twist on traditional ice cream. 
It’s easy to feel in the holiday mood and sometimes that means throwing healthy eating out of the window fir people. With this easy recipe there’s no need to. 

A handful of frozen fruit of your choice (berries work really well) 

1/4-1/2 banana (you can substitute the banana for another smooth fleshed fruit e.g. Peach or mango (I often use them tinned)

Whizz it all together in a blender. 
The great thing about this recipe is that you can make different family members different variations really easily too, though saying that I never do!
You might need to play with ratios a little to get it to be just the right amount of firmness as every banana is a different size. 
I served here with a little dollop of natural yoghurt and let it melt a little so it could be mixed together! Today’s flavour was strawberry and banana and went down a treat. 
Not only is this delicious but it also counts as 1-2 portions of fruits towards your 5-a-day!
Thinking about it avocado might work well for a creamy texture but I’m not sure what I’d pair it with..! Any ideas???