Giant couscous risotto for tea and not a spoonful left from anyone! 


Simpler (much less stiring!) and cheaper than using risotto rice I’ll definitely be making this a regular one 😍 
Ingredients (served 3 adults and two toddlers):

Onion, medium sized and diced (I used frozen)

Rapeseed (vegetable) oil, 1-2 tsp

Garlic, 1 clove finely chopped

Giant couscous, 150g

Low salt stock, 750ml to 1 litre

Courgette, 1 medium, finely chopped

Carrot, 1 large or two medium, finely chopped 

Mushrooms, 150g (about half a typical punnet), finely diced

Peas, two large handfuls

Ham (optional), about 100g chopped into small chunks

Feta, crumbled or Parmesan, finely grated, about 100g

Gently soften the onion in the oil. After a few minutes add the garlic. Once the onion is a little translucent add the rest of the ingredients (about 750ml stock, reserving the rest) and gently simmer. Stir regularly. As the liquid reduces you may need to add the additional stock. 
Serve in a big bowl and eat with a soup spoon. Yummy!

You can easily swap the veggies that you add depending on what you have in. Chop up small so that a similar texture and hey presto. 

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