Party time: Damage limitation!


Double birthday celebrations today for us so I was glad to be presented with this delicious platter. 
Sometimes parties can be a bit overwhelming with higher fat and sugar foods so a good rule is to load the plate with a balance of the healthy foods and a couple of ‘eat less often foods’ (I don’t like to call them treats as it builds a reward with food culture from an early age). Sometimes this is easier said than done with grazing being common when food is out for a long time, but it’s good to at least start that way! 
If you’re hosting a party it’s a great idea to try and have a mix of the food group for people to choose from. Today’s ‘lunch party’ included humous, home cooked ham, lots of veggies, breads and fruit. I really liked the way they brought the cake out afterwards so that people were full up and just had a slice. 
This evenings party included this platter, yummy quiche and the girls favourite- open sandwiches with avocado and prawns. 
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