Simple snack idea: corn on the cob


Sweet corn or corn on the cob counts as one if your 5-a-day for your fruits & veggies and it is a great source of fibre. Fibre is important for your health for lots of reasons including feeding the good gut bacteria which helps to keep a healthy digestive system. 

I’d actually cooked them for lunch but they were too hot so we had them for snack time. 

They are so sweet as in season so we didn’t need to add any butter to enjoy so extra healthy. 

It’s the first time I remember giving corn on the cob and let’s just say I’ll definitely be doing it again! I think they had them last year but I had to use a knife to take most of the kernels off from memory. No problem now though with these mighty teeth (and so they should be with the pain they cause coming through!) Both girls systematically polished off two pieces (I guess that about 1 full sized cob!) and it kept them entertained for a while too 😂 win win. 

Ps I loved mine too 😍
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