Portion control & pitta bread pizza


This is my lunch & the girls had a roughly half sized portion (ate 1/3 pitta each) with some additional cucumber sticks and I ate a carrot whilst prepping!
Sometimes I hear people say you can’t have too much of a good thing. If only this were true…
Grapes are a good example where it’s very easy to over consume. Try to stick to a cupped handful. Pictured is my cupped handful. If it’s for your child aim for their cupped handful.  
Pitta bread or wraps make great pizza bases. They are yummy, easy to portion control and are so simple to make. 
This one is a wholemeal outta toasted lightly. Spread with a thin layer of tomato purée and topped with chopped mushrooms, a little ham and a sprinkling of cheese. 
Grating cheese is a great way to make your portion of cheese go further. Try a little experiment. Cut 3 small chunks of cheese (25-30g) and prep them in 3 different ways. Grate one chunk, slice the next and leave the final one as it is. Which one looks like the most cheese?
If you’re giving this meal to your baby or young child remember to quarter the grapes. 
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