‘Learning it’ food to celebrate the start of advent

Happy Advent everyone! 🎄

We’re celebrating with a pomegranate for breakfast. As it’s been such a long time since we last ate it pomegranate has reverted back to a ‘learning it’ food.

For B this has meant successful tasting but a few jewels was enough.

For W (who loves doing intricate things) it is a new love, using the cocktail stick to get out each seed.

W has just asked it we could make it into tonight’s tea. Her suggestion is pomegranate & pork in a pie – anyone got a good recipe?!

I had an idea about a new experience each day for advent but I haven’t been organised enough to sort that out. The advent calendar is sorted instead with bits of a Lego model each day to make together which went down well this morning. I’m keen to try & make Christmas about more than sweets & chocolate. What measures are you thinking to take to try and achieve this?

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