Yes I (am going to) have twins…


Sometimes I walk for me. 
What I mean by that is as a mum of twins I encourage my girls to nap together. This means that we can function on a day to day basis. One might be more tired than the other and putting them in their beds (previously cots) results in the less tired one doing everything they can to get the other one to play eg peepo through the cot bars 😂
I find that by taking them out in the buggy allows the less tired one to enjoy the ride looking out for flowers and birds etc until they’re tired enough to nap too. 
Sometimes they go to sleep within 5 minutes (like today) so I turn around and get the chores done at home. 
Today however I’ve decided to walk the full circle ’round our block’ (of fields!) because it’s a beautiful day and the chores can wait!
They dont always sleep in the buggy as we often drive to groups or friends etc and they’re good at sleeping in the car as we travel. 
Now I’m not trying to say this is the best or the only way but just that it works for us and it’s definitely helped me lose the baby weight! It’s been really important for my mental and physical health at a time when it’s very easy to all consumed by motherhood. Of course you don’t have to be a mother to realise the benefits of walking. It’s said to be one of the best forms of exercise (pull that tummy in as you stroll 😋). 
As I walked I was thinking about chatting to a friend yesterday which reminded me about ‘the reactions’ when I was pregnant and when the girls were smaller. ‘What?!’ ‘What a shock’ ‘what are you going to do?’ ‘How will / do you cope’ as the response when I said I was going to / have twins. I know people are well meaning and I was / am just overcome by the feeling of thankful happiness so that it doesn’t stress me out (usually), but for some mums & dads to be it really can make the panic set in. 
I guess my message is to twin mums to be it’s hard work at times but the amazing times by far our weigh the challenges. Don’t let other people’s comments affect how you feel or what you do. 
For the receivers of ‘the news’ please try to be supportive and encouraging, when parents to be have got their own heads around having twins they really don’t need your shock or horror to add additional stress. 
And back to the original reason for my post… go out there and enjoy the sunshine as the chores will be here every day but this beautiful sunshine won’t. 
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