You don’t like pumpkin? Have you only tried the bright orange ‘Halloween’ pumpkins?


We had a great day pumpkin picking on Saturday. Lots of different varieties. The blue-ish and pale brown ones were the best flavour but these ones were much more vibrant colours for decorating.

One of my friends said they don’t like pumpkins so would just be buying for decoration. When we talked about which pumpkins they’d tried it was just the orange pumpkins sold for carving. As these are bred for size, shape and colour they often lack flavour. It’s definitely worth trying different varieties and different ways of cooking before writing this versatile and yummy veg group off.

Roasting really brings out the flavour and then it’s great to use for soups (I’m going to make a Thia pumpkin soup), in risotto and pasta dishes, with roast or grilled meats, or the American classic pumpkin pie. I also like using pumpkin in cakes – there’s a great recipe on bbc good food which is similar to a carrot cake and is lovely and moist. It tastes great without the topping and you don’t need as much sugar as it asks for to make it a little healthier. It’s been a few years since I made this but i used to make quite a bit when I had a successful pumpkin and squash harvest. One to try and agin this year maybe!

Of course you can roast the seeds too 😀

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