Happy Sunday everyone – make it achievable

🍉☀️ couldn’t resist a slice of #watermelon in the sun for a post run second #breakfast

It’s not a long run (25mins) but this means it fits in with most family plans for the day and we are pretty consistent in doing it every week. It’s better to do something regularly than make your goal less achievable. Then when you achieve it more often or go further than your target it feels great too!

The girls loved tucking into theirs too and it reminded me of over 2 years ago when they first started solids as watermelon was a favourite especially for B 😍 Just make sure you remove the seeds when your wee ones are little.

#smartgoals #loveactivity #postrunsnack inspired by @foodfights_squits_and_giggles

#dietitian #doubleyummy #balancedlife #weaning #introducingsolids

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