‘Fed is best’ Let’s be less judgemental…


There is a lot of pressure put onto women around ‘milk giving’. It is likely that everyone of these women will feel judged & often guilt around feeding their baby. As a society we should challenge this. #worldbreastfeedingweek I thought it’d be nice to share this photo (#notmyphoto).

Many women feel judged when breastfeeding in public, some to the point that they feel unable to do it. Some feel judged when giving a bottle whether it contains breastmilk or not. Some are unable to do either of these route and need to feed by tube which might be via the nose (nasogastric tube) or straight into the tummy (several different types of tube including a PEG) or a tube straight into the jejunum.

As I said they could all be giving breastmilk & if they’re not then there are many reasons why this might be.