Health benefits of cinnamon…


We love cinnamon and mixed spice! Here is paired with some oats, milk, finely grated carrot and sultanas to make our ‘carrot cake porridge’ and topped with deliciously creamy Greek yoghurt.

There’s a growing body of evidence in support of cinnamon in health. It’s important to remember with any of these studies though that their scientific power is often limited. It’s also important to realise that studies usually use much higher quantities than we’d use in our normal diets to get ‘therapeutic doses’.

The great news though is that whether or not we’re eating enough for the full benefits or even if it’s just placebo there aren’t negative side effects to worry about and the taste of cinnamon and mixed spice brings out a natural sweetness without the need for adding sugars to food.

This is really helpful if you’re also trying to eat a low ‘free sugar’ diet (limiting sugar, syrup, honey and juice) or doing #sugarfreefebruary @cr_uk

Breakfast can be a surprisingly high source of sugar (some cereals are more than 1/3 added sugar)..!

My girls have eaten porridge from very early into the #introducingsolids journey. Although the media hype sometimes suggests otherwise it’s ok to use a spoon when feeding little ones!

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