Ice-cream loved by your good bacteria

Food for the good bacteria… Strawberry & mango nice-cream with a hint of mint. What a delicious flavour combo!

Recipe: Simply whizz together two handfuls of frozen strawberries, a handful of frozen mango, 2 small bananas & a large dollop of Greek yoghurt with a few leaves of mint.

This recipe is ‘refined sugar free’ as all of the sugar comes from the whole fruit. This is not sugar free as fruit does contain natural sugars, but we don’t need to be afraid of all sugar we should just be aware of the claims that are made around it. Fruit also contains an important source of nutrients including fibre & vitamins & minerals. Fibre is food for our gut bacteria which is in turn linked to so many health benefits (which are still being discovered!) including both physical & mental health conditions.

You can use any frozen fruit combos that you like. I find it works best with about 1/4 of the fruit at room temperature eg banana in this recipe. You could use tinned fruit instead of fresh if you don’t have anything suitable that’s fresh. You can make it #milk free or #vegan by leaving out the yoghurt to make a sorbet or using soya yoghurt – it’ll work just as well.

This nice-cream was loved as an afternoon snack for the whole family as an energy boost for the rest of the gardening.

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