Egg-free mini pancakes


200g self-raising flour, 

1tsp baking powder, 

300ml milk  

Whizz together, use fresh butter to cook each set of pancakes. 

4/5 blobs for each pan. 

Makes approx 20-25 little pancakes
Aunty Jen whipped us up a batch of these little beauties and then said ‘whoops I forgot the egg!’ And it turns out it wasn’t needed and hey presto we have a great egg-free recipe! 

To make it cows milk-free simply use a plant based milk (avoid rice milk for children under 5 years due to the level of naturally occurring arsenic). When using a milk replacement it’s a good idea to chose one fortified with calcium as it can otherwise be hard to get adequate calcium on a milk-free diet. 
We enjoyed plain or with a squeeze of lemon or a really thin scrape of marmite (very thin scrape as marmite is high in salt). 
Serve with some fruit and / or veggie sticks for a great snack or breakfast. They are really lunchbox friendly or can slip into your bag for a snack out n about.
Next time I’m going to try adding some berries or sliced bananas into the batter before cooking as I think this will work well too. 
I’d also like to experiment a little more and try adding some cinnamon or mixed spice with some sultanas and maybe even some grated carrot (then top with a dollop of Greek yoghurt- not a milk free option).
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